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Orthodontics + Facial Harmonization + Hormonal Modulation = New Orthodontics


Dra. Birte Melsen

Interview about orthodontics and orthopedics

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Birte Melsen
Cell Biology, Anatomy, Developmental Biology
DDS, Dr.Odont.Certified specialist in orthodontics


Dr. Luis Carrière

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Luis carriere
Degree in Dentistry (1991) Universidad Complutense de MadridMaster in Orthodontics and Orthopedics for Children and Adults (1991-1994). University of Barcelona.Doctor of Dentistry “Cum Laude” University of Barcelona 2006Member of the Faculty of Physicians of the University of BarcelonaGuest lecturer at The University of Texas. Orthodontic Department. Houston. USA 2004/2008Guest lecturer at Baylor University. The University of Texas. Orthodontic Department. Dallas. USA 2004/2008Guest lecturer at Saint Louis University. Orthodontic Department Saint Louis Missouri. USA Visiting Professor at Ferrara University Orthodontic Department. Italy


Dr. Manoel Roman

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manoel roman
He is an exclusive practice orthodontist in Malaga at the Avilés and Román Dental Clinic. Currently directs the Invisalign Master’s degree taught in Malaga, being the only one officially recognized by Invisalign. For more than 10 years, he has been teaching at more than a dozen universities.He has treated more than 1000 patients with the Invisalign System being Dr. Diamond, the highest recognition awarded worldwide.


Dr. Celestino Nóbrega

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Program Leader do Linhart Continuing Education Program – New York University, College of Dentistry; Doutor em Medicina baseada em evidências; Mestre em Radiologia; Coordenador do Curso de Especialização em Ortodontia do Ciodonto/Ortogeo, São José dos Campos.

Estados Unidos / Brasil

Dr. Sérgio Jakob

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Doctor, teacher and specialist in orthodontics; Postgraduate in Functional Occlusion by the Roth-Williams Center, USA; Coordinator of the specialization courses in Orthodontics OrthoPlace, Goiânia, Orthodontic Association Gaucha, Porto Alegre and Dental Studies Center, São Paulo; private clinic in Goiania.


Dr. José Durán

New in the individualized torque for the perfect completion of the treatments

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Professor of orthodontics at the Univ. Of Barcelona also directs the Master of Orthodontics at the same university. He is founder and Chief of Orthodontics Children’s Hospital of Barcelona and directs the Orthodontic World Institute. Creator of the MFS (Multifunction System) philosophy, Dr. Von Arx Duran has published several books including the Atlas Clinical Mechanics Fixed MFS, and has taught many courses worldwide.


Dra. Priscilla Pereira

The importance of facial harmonization in the gingival smile

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Priscilla Pereira
Harmonization and Orofacial Therapy with Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid, Minister and Speaker in 18 countries, President Difne Latin America.


Dr. Jonas Ferreira

Plasmolifting, PRP in orthodontics

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Jonas retrato 1 (1 of 1)
Director of the Virtual Campus e-Orthodontic,  Orthodontist, Specialist in Orofacial Pain and e-learning.
The face-to-face learning has become increasingly difficult to sustain. You need to explore alternative, such as e-learning methods, which can reduce the cost burden and can replace or supplement traditional teaching. The e-learning is highly valued by students and teaching format unanimously to adopt, but it requires a lot of dedication and skill sets of professionals who will develop digital content. Our goal is to determine the best way to maintain focus and motivation of students in front of the e-learning through the development of a  application for the study of orthodontics in the Flipped classroom model.

Spain/ Brasil

Dr. Leoncio Menéndez

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Main Professor of Orthodontics, Mayor de San Marcos National University. Lima Peru.


Dr. Flávio Luposeli

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Specialist in Dentistry by APCD SJC;Specialist in DTM / DOF by Unifesp – Escola Paulista de Medicina;Training in Oral Rehabilitation with Implants at the University of Texas – USA;Responsible for research with Botulinum Toxin and Biomaterials of C.O.D.D. – FOUSP;Member of the Global Scientific Advisory Council for Botulinum Toxin at Ipsen Beaufour – Munich, Germany;
Coordinating Professor of Botulinum Toxin Course and Dental Fillers of Odonto Partners;Professor Coordinator of the Course of Surgical Anatomy for Advanced Orofacial Esthetics of Odonto Partners / M.A.R.C. – Miami Anatomical Research Center, USA;Scientific Director of SBTI – Brazilian Society of Botulinum Toxin and Facial Implants;


Dr. Kenedy Kuhn

The Use of Molar Verticalization Strap

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Kenedy Kuhn
Member of the Brazilian Society of Botulinum Toxin and facial implants -SBTI
Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics -UNICID-SP, Specialist Implantology UFG-GO, Master in UNICID-SP Orthodontics, Director of Kenedy Institute Graduate -IKO, Coordinator of the specialization courses in Orthodontics of UNICID universities, FAMOSP, FAIPE, Mini residence in Advanced Orthodontics -University of Michigan -USA


Dr. Wilson Aragão

RFA4 waxing

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Expert in orofacial pain and TMD, expert in functional jaw orthopedics, Author of books: Functional jaw orthopedics – Ed Pancast -São Paulo – 1992. Aragão O controller Função systemic tratamento do doenças from Ed estomatognático- system Saints. Function Regulator Aragão 2007. – Treatment of Systemic diseases from Stomatognathic System. Medical Ripano Editorial – Madrid – Spain – 2008 Professor of courses in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Israel and Cuba. AIO-President of the Association em Brasil, Latin American Association of Orthodontists. Master Visiting Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Barcelona – Spain. Visiting Professor IFUNA – International Association functional


Dr. Arturo Vela

Finished in Invisalign

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arturo vela
Professor of the Master of Orthodontics of the University of Valencia, where he directs the training program of Invisalign. He is a visiting professor at the Mississippi University Institution in Madrid, as well as in different universities in Europe and America.


Dr. Óscar Medina

Orthognathic surgery and orthodontics

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Oscar Medina
Management of Craniofacial Abnormalities, expert in growth and development, in Orthognathic Surgery
More than 30 years related to teaching, former director of the Master of Orthodontics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, Mexico), Manages all types of orthodontic appliances, National and International Lecturer, Opinion Leader of 3M Unitek


Dr. Luis F. Morales

Approach to the technique USS

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Doctor of medicine and surgery. Stomatologist. Master of Orthodontics (UCM) .Director of the Training Program “Medical Corps Orthodontic”. Academic Director of the Master of Clinical Orthodontics of the University of Almería.Codirector Academic of the Master of Clinical Orthodontics of the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) Sede Almería. He is a collaborator of the Master of Orthodontics of the University of Barcelona.


Dr. Armando D. da Silva

The treatment of Class II anomalies with CCO System: quality, efficiency and consistency of results

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armando dias da silva
Master in Orthodontics (University of Porto 2003-2005) -Master Damon Europe (Dr. Ramon Perera and Dr. Garcia Espejo) – Porto 2012/2013-Certificate in Lingual Orthodontics-Incognito System – Milan 2014-Doctorate in Medicine (Faculty of Medicine -Universidade do Porto) -Docente Collaborator of the Faculty of Medicine -University of Porto- Docent of the Master’s Degree in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics of the Faculty of Medicine- UP-Teacher of the Specialization Course in Clinical Orthodontics of the Faculty of Medicine-UP


Dr. Levy Nunes

Bichectomy in the conclusion of cases of orthodontics as aesthetic option

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levy nUNES
Post Doctorate in Surgery – Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu FMB Unesp Doctor of Surgery – Faculty of Medicine Botucatu FMB Unesp Master in Oral Physiology and A.T.M. – Faculty of Dentistry of Piracicaba FOP Unicamp Specialist in Buccomaxillo Facial Surgery and Traumatology (CTBMF) – School of Dentistry of Piracicaba – Unicamp FOP Visiting Professor of the UNESP Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu Unesp Dep. Of Otorrino and Ophthalmology Coordinating Professor of Various Studies Center in Brazil, Portugal, Italy and USA (Harvard).Scientific Director of SBTI – Brazilian Society of Toxin and Facial Implants Member of the Biomaterials Researcher CNPQ – Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu Unesp.Member of the Technical Chamber of the Federal Council of Dentistry – Brazil Member of the Brazilian College of Buccomaxillo Facial Surgery and Traumatology – Brazil


Dr. José Ferrão

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Doctorate in Health Sciences from the Federal University of Brasilia (UNB) (4160 hours)
Member of the Biomaterials Researcher CNPQ – Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu Unesp.
Master’s Degree in Health Sciences from the Federal University of Brasilia (UNB) (2000 hours)
Specialist in Periodontics by the Faculty of Dentistry of Bauru, University of São Paulo – USP-FOB (850 hours)
Prof. Responsible for the discipline of Periodontics of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul – UFMS
Prof. of the Postgraduate course Strictu Sensu – Master of the UFMS
Member of the Commission of the New Legislation of Normatización of the Toxina Botulinum and Fillings Facials of the Federal Council of Dentistry
President of the Technical Chamber of the Federal Council of Dentistry – Brazil
President of the Brazilian Society of Botulinum Toxin and Facial Implants in Dentistry – SBTI


Dr. Pedro C. Santos

Preparation of surgical orthodontics

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pedro cesar
Prof. Dr. Pedro César Fernandes dos Santos
Master in Orthodontics and Doctor in Integrated Clinic-USP
Prof. Assistant Professor of Dentistry – UFC


Dr. Ricardo Brandão

Lingual Orthodontics: The Ultimate Cosmetic Appliance

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Dr. Ricardo Brandão Vieira DDS, MS
– Master in Orthodontics
– Specialization in Orthodontics
– Professor of the Specialization Course in Orthodontics – Brazilian Association of Dentistry – ABO Brasil
– Professor of the Course of Clinical and Typodont in Orthodontics – Brazilian Association of Dentistry – ABO Brasil
– Professor of the Specialization Course of Dental Implants – Brazilian Association of Dentistry – ABO Brasil
– Professor of the Course of Lingual Orthodontics – Brazilian Association of Dentistry – ABO Brasil
– Professor of the Specialization Course in Orthodontics – ADOCI – Brazil


Dr. Alberto Albadalejo

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alberto albaladejo
Degree in Dentistry from the University of Granada.
Specialist in Orthodontics.
European Doctor in Stomatology from the University of Granada and Siena.
Full Professor and Coordinator of the subjects of Orthodontics at the University of Salamanca.


Dr. André Cidrão

Extra-oral correction of the nasolabial angle in orthodontic finalizations.

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Residence in Orthodontics at Michigan University (U.S.A.)
Master’s Degree in Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain
Specialist in Orthodontics, Functional Orthopedics of Jaws and Dentistry (Aesthetics and Oral Cosmetology)
Post-Graduate in Implantology, Occlusion and D.T.M. And Laser in Dentistry.
Enabling use of Botulinum Toxin and Orofacial Presence


Dra Kennia Botelho

Integrative Dentistry x Orthodontics and Hormonal Modulation

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Dra. Kennia Botelho

Dental surgeon postgraduate in Integrative dentistry courses and international lecturer in several disciplines of Integrative Dentistry and Hormonal Modulation

Dra. Analia J. Rojtkop

The combined treatment in facial asymmetry, Threads + Toxin + orto + hyaluronic

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President DIFNE Argentina
SOEstética President
International speaker

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High level orthodontics.

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