1 year post op-jaw surgery (open bite)

Open bite upper and lower jaw surgery, one year post op. if anyone would like, my screen name for aim is freespiritdhippy u can aim me anytime mobile, ill try to answer if I’m not in class or something. I’d love to help if u have any questions or are a area. Love you guys!!(:

September 30, 2016

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  1. hi, just wondering if insurance covers the surgery or is out of pocket?

  2. Is your facebook public? I want your view photos.

  3. To open bite is always necessary to impact the maxilla or only done to remove gummy smile? I have open bite and the orthodontist told me that would impact maxilar and that would advance the mandible. The operation would bimaxilar. I have gummy smile and a little long face but I like my smile and my face. Is it a necessary procedure ?. I've seen videos of the procedure for open bite are always the same, only impact the maxilla. My english is very bad, sorry.

    Can you pass only the bottom and touch not the top?
    You could post pictures of before and after to better see the differences. I worry that I face much change.

  4. Does it effect in nose if you do the upper jaw ??

  5. Did the dimples in your chin ever go away?? I have them too!

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say you look great, I have just had nearly the same surgery, my case involved an additional surgery to widen my pallet two years ago this July.
    And I am almost 5 weeks post op from open bite surgery. Upper jaw forward and down, lower jaw reduction. I didn't have as hard a time as you in the hospital, minimal blood loss and thankfully no tube in my stomach, but I do recall the vile liquid Meds, nearly every time I took it I vomited, with my mouth wired shut mind you.
    My sympathy for all your struggles to get where you are now. I hope you are still doing well, thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. i have this surgery soon ..Did they take some side bone for you to fill your upper jaw?

  8. Hey…I was wondering if everything is alright right now after idk 2 years? Any complications lately? You look amazing btw :)

  9. you look great!! did you get all your feeling back in your face? 

  10. Please make sure you have a correct resting tongue posture and nasal breathing. I am an myofunctional therapist and see relapse.

  11. Yes! I am a myofunctional therapist and I see relapse all the time with an open bite if the tongue posture is not corrected.

  12. thank you so much! (: i will be posting my 2 year update in a couple months, i think i look slightly different since this one, completely no swelling anymore. Yes! if you dont need surgery, that is the way to go, but be warned that open bites are all about the tongue thrust, so i can not stress enough to wear your retainer when it is all done. if i go 2 days without it, the retainer is so bloody tight. good luck!

  13. Omg, I love your smile!:) I have an open bite and right now I have braces so they're trying to make it to where I don't need Surgery!!

  14. I see, I am now well into my orthodontics after 8 painful extractions…will keep you posted…

  15. I hope i didnt make you more nervous. When you have the surgery you will be on a liquid diet but not nearly as long as i had to be. I had more work done than the average person and had severe side effects to my medication. Dont think yours will be this bad. Good luck

  16. For me, it was severely painful but i had a lot more work than the average person. I wouldnt worrry. As long as you have your family at your side to take care of you and are able to take a good amount of time off from work or school then you will be okay. I am sorry if it scared you, these are just my personal results. Ithink you will be okay

  17. Sorry it took so long for me to message back, there is no serious side effects, it is just painful, for me, it was extremely painful because i was allergic to morphine and all my medication, plus i had lost a lot of blood and i had an extreme amount of work done. But i have seen other peoples videos on here who seem fine, they were in pain but they healed much faster and better than i did.

  18. I did work with a speech therapist to retrain my tongue but its still pushing my teeth so as long as i keep my retainer in, they wont move. And my ortho and surgeon both said my tongue thrust is too strong to have it fixed, just need to keep my retainer in. Maybe because I tried the therapy already and it didnt work.

  19. whats so funny?

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