20130623 iAOI Deep Bite Class II Malocclusion

20130623 iAOI Deep Bite Class II Malocclusion

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All cases were treated by Dr. Chris Chang, president of Beethoven Orthodontic and Implant Group in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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For a more systematic review of treatment methods for CI I, II, III, deep bite, open bite, impaction cases, find the Orthodontic book series on iTunes store.

Vol. 1: https://itunes.apple.com/book/orthodontics-vol.-i/id520098562?mt=11
Vol. 2: https://itunes.apple.com/book/orthodontics-vol.-2/id520504691?mt=11
Vol. 3: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/orthodontics-vol.-2/id520504691?mt=11
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Deep Bite Posterior Turbos

This animation showcases the specific case of a Deep Bite Posterior Turbos scenario.

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33 responses on "20130623 iAOI Deep Bite Class II Malocclusion"

  1. you have ruinated her profile. she had a beautiful ful profile (lips) but now they are a bit flat.

  2. Hello Dr Chang,
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful videos and experience.
    The extraction of the lower incisor was an original idea, but the right side is still in classe 2 relationship at the end. Do you think that stripping the lower right side would be a good thing to put this side in a perfect classe I relationship ?
    Thank you again
    Dr Igal NAHMIAS (Paris)

  3. I always admire your team work and the way you handle your cases! I would never think of extracting the other lateral, when one is already missing, but the more I think of it, the more it makes sense. Also, I wasn't quite happy at the occlusion at the end (the upper canines seems like in a II class relationship), But the width of the lower canines is responsible for that and makes them look like II class. Thank you for opening my mind to different, decent possibilities of treatment!

  4. what is the name of the soundtrack ?

  5. The censor on that little girl face is terrible.

  6. Nice work

  7. Dear dr Chang .you are the father of modern orthodontics and you have changed forever how orthodontic care is delivered throughout the globe .you have educated all Doctors who render care and our patients are the beneficiaries of your excellent work .
    Thanks a million dr Chang .pl keep rolling out your excellent clinical videos on you tube channel .

  8. this is amazing. thanks

  9. oh god , your music , comes from paradise .
    your are so artistic , I know that you play guitar . so amazing . 

  10. no Bolton Discrepancy analyze in this case of missing one lower incisor and extraction an other one . 

  11. คลินิก จัดฟันSeptember 22, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    cool !!


  12. โบนัส เดนทัลคลินิกSeptember 22, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Thank you for you amazing job!!!

  13. just got these today. along with two silver powerchains on top and buttom rows of my teeth. Ugh. My teeth are so close together on the buttom that I can't floss on my buttom row.(buttom row of teeth were already straight just pushing everything together)?

  14. I have these and they make it literally impossible to eat 🙁 i can only chew with the turbos and none of my other teeth meet.

  15. what happens when they fall off?

  16. anyone know what type of braces these r ???

  17. your teeth will sort themselves out as long as you wear your retainer,your bone and gums are still settling into their new shape without being held by the brackets on the braces,eventually your bite will come together…

  18. i have one question: my dentist took my braces off although the bite wasnt correctly on the right side means that there is no contact ? should i fix this ?

  19. These SUCK I know they help and bla bla but I have a under bite and it is irrarating and they STAY ON UNTIL MY TEETH CHANGE and the worst part is I have spacers with brakets so my wire is not on. Ugh

  20. they are so irritating at first ! =/ 

  21. This is stupid way of deep bite treatment, those turbos are cause of molars intusion and in such case it is not needed and can be purpose of side effects!!!

  22. Wonderful way to keep your braces and teeth from knocking off each other! Ask your orthodontist's about this!

    Orthodontist Norfolk

  23. You'll have to get rubber bands. These just keep your top teeth from knocking off your bottom brackets

  24. The orthodontist told me that he's give me an acrylic bite block. I wonder if the place that im switching to will give me these instead.

  25. dentists never told me this.

  26. I need these .-.

  27. so these stay forever or do they go?

  28. I have these are these gonna fix my deep bite or will I have to get rubber bands too?

  29. I had something like that except they were tiny balls. He removed them and the first few days were weird :p

  30. Ugh, I have these. I just want to grind them off >:(

  31. dats bcoz of action by bracket and arch wire

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