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Se parte del evento de ortodoncia on-line más importante del año

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


On behalf of the Orthodontic Webinar Congress and Asociación Ibero Americana de Ortodoncistas, it is my pleasure to formally welcome you to the 3rd Orthodontic Webinar Congress.

The conference covers a wide range of scientific topics – from tools, techniques and treatments – to orthodontics, Functional orthopedics.
May I also welcome delegates from interstate and overseas who are collaborating to this congress. I can assure you that you will be made to feel at home in exciting world of e-leaning.
This conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues, network and make new friends in activity forum and webinars. If possible, stay in live and enjoy, if not possible, watch in your home online.


With best wishes and regards,


Associate Professor Jonas Ferreira
CEO e-Orthodontic

Speakers and lectures

Dr. Sérgio Jakob

A proposal to simplify the diagnosis in orthodontics: The Frenck Ortodontics System Protocol


Doctor, teacher and specialist in orthodontics; Postgraduate in Functional Occlusion by the Roth-Williams Center, USA; Coordinator of the specialization courses in Orthodontics OrthoPlace, Goiânia, Orthodontic Association Gaucha, Porto Alegre and Dental Studies Center, São Paulo; private clinic in Goiania.

A proposal will be made at this conference to simplify the orthodontic diagnosis using only three cephalometric measurements related to the three anatomical planes. Therefore, you can understand what happens to the occlusion before evaluation. Finally, a great idea to greatly facilitate planning in orthodontics.

Dr. José Durán

Individualization in orthodontics


Professor of orthodontics at the Univ. Of Barcelona also directs the Master of Orthodontics at the same university. He is founder and Chief of Orthodontics Children’s Hospital of Barcelona and directs the Orthodontic World Institute. Creator of the MFS (Multifunction System) philosophy, Dr. Von Arx Duran has published several books including the Atlas Clinical Mechanics Fixed MFS, and has taught many courses worldwide.

Dr. Alan Rodrigues

Complex Orthodontic treatment: A non-invasive aesthetic Self Ligating System to treated complex cases without extraction or palatal expander.


Author of the book “The clinical evidence and Tomographic us Treatments Self-ligating appliances com”. Author of the first e-Book of self-ligating Orthodontics. Author of “self-ligating O System – Clinical secrets” Designer of self-ligating bracket CRYSTAL 3D Designer of aesthetic self-ligating bracket LINGUAL CLIP .Professor and Scientific Director -EU European Orthodontic Center.International Lecturer in USA, Europe, South America, Central America, Oceania. Pos degree peel Roth Williams Center for functional occlusion (two years course). San Francisco. AC. USES.

Complex clinical cases performed with wire termosoft aesthetic polymer and braquetes System fully 3D glass aesthetic self-ligating. Providing the ideal strength of dentoalveolar movement with a perfect aesthetic throughout treatment. Tomographic evaluation at the end of treatment and post treatments accompaniment.

Dr. Celestino Nóbrega

Selligating system biomechanics at key moments

Estados Unidos / Brasil

Program Leader do Linhart Continuing Education Program – New York University, College of Dentistry; Doutor em Medicina baseada em evidências; Mestre em Radiologia; Coordenador do Curso de Especialização em Ortodontia do Ciodonto/Ortogeo, São José dos Campos.

Dr. Leoncio Menéndez



Main Professor of Orthodontics, Mayor de San Marcos National University. Lima Peru.

Application of MEAW system in the self-ligating prescription MBT, with the advent of the self ligated braces , and MBT philosophy, facilitates the sequence to skeletal borderline case treatments avoiding patients to take surgical procedures .

Dr. Haris Khan

Orthodontics without wire bending


Proper selection and placement of brackets Leveling and aligning on straight wires Space closure using sliding mechanics Finishing and settling without wire bending.

Dr. Kenedy Kuhn

Kenedy Kuhn
The use of botulinun toxin in Orthodontics.


Member of the Brazilian Society of Botulinum Toxin and facial implants -SBTI
Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics -UNICID-SP, Specialist Implantology UFG-GO, Master in UNICID-SP Orthodontics, Director of Kenedy Institute Graduate -IKO, Coordinator of the specialization courses in Orthodontics of UNICID universities, FAMOSP, FAIPE, Mini residence in Advanced Orthodontics -University of Michigan -USA

In this presentation we’ll talk about botulinum toxin and its indications in dentistry and more specifically in orthodontics, through articles, reviews and clinical cases.

Dr. Wilson Aragão

The importance of the facial nerves for the orthopedic and orthodontic treatment.


Expert in orofacial pain and TMD, expert in functional jaw orthopedics, Author of books: Functional jaw orthopedics – Ed Pancast -São Paulo – 1992. Aragão O controller Função systemic tratamento do doenças from Ed estomatognático- system Saints. Function Regulator Aragão 2007. – Treatment of Systemic diseases from Stomatognathic System. Medical Ripano Editorial – Madrid – Spain – 2008 Professor of courses in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Israel and Cuba. AIO-President of the Association em Brasil, Latin American Association of Orthodontists. Master Visiting Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Barcelona – Spain. Visiting Professor IFUNA – International Association functional

The aim of this conference is to provide the clinical information on the performance of the facial nerve during orthodontic and orthopedic treatment.

Dr. Luis Alvarenga

Vertical control management. Using the semi-adjustable articulator

El Salvador

Early handling of vertical control in orthodontics is very important because we are avoiding it fester as the patient continues to grow well and decreasing costly surgeries and uncomfortable and pain post-operative. It is therefore important semi-adjustable articulators use to establish a correct diagnosis in addition to the use of cephalometric and panoramic radiographs typical.

Dr. R. de la Flor Calderón

How to achieve excellence in orthodontic and dental Orthopedic treatment.


There are increasing attempts to simplify orthodontics treatments . Sometimes we fall into the temptation of wanting to do very simple it really is not. Excellence in the treatment of Orthodontics and dental Orthopedics is achieved from a comprehensive individual diagnosis of our patients. This is not a easy task. We will review the elements that must be considered for treatment with high levels of excellence.

Dr. Marlos Loiola

Contemporary diagnosis and planning treatment of included Canines.


The canine is a dental element of great importance in the harmony of the face and smile, in addition to function in lateral movements, protecting the stomatognathic system. Many factors can interfere with its physiological process of eruption, culminating in the impaction of this unit. Modern diagnostic methods are useful for determining its position, degree of slope and distance of adjacent structures, in addition to possible complications. Determining this way, a conscious planning methods and safe treatments.

Dr. Alfonso Campos Peña

Class II correction with Invisalign.


The molar distalization is a challenge in orthodontic daily practice. The aim of the lecture is to make an update of how they have evolved different orthodontic techniques over the  time for molar distalization: from the beginning whit the headgear today by Invisalign technique. Different upper and lower cases treated with fixed orthodontic molar distalization as well as the Invisalign technique, exposing the results and indications will be presented.

Dr. A. Alvarado Lorenzo

Low friction in orthodontics: Keys to decrease periodontal pain.


Pain is one of the reasons why a patient may decide not performed a orthodontic treatment. At present there are different orthodontic techniques multibrackets fixed appliances. However, with the advent of low friction forces applied they  can reduce periodontal pain. Also the application of new techniques such as Orthospeed System and control of forces applied helps us to make a faster and less painful treatment.

Dr. José Roberto Ramos

The most common defects of orthodontic appliances made in the laboratory and their corrections.


Many orthodontic treatments are compromised due to bad made laboratory apparatus. The orthodontist must be aware of the most common faults to be able to require a perfect and efficient device. This lecture will review the most common problems and their solutions.

Dr. Juan José Alió

Selective control of friction with Orthospeed System


ORTHOSPEED® use is based on the result of a coating between the metal contact, that is, the metal bracket and the metal bow. This coating causes a change in the surface structure of the two metals that directly results in a decrease in the friction generated both metals when in contact.

Dr. Jonás Ferreira

New technologies T.I. in teaching orthodontics, use of AppOrtoRoute.


Director of the Virtual Campus e-Orthodontic,  Orthodontist, Specialist in Orofacial Pain and e-learning.

The face-to-face learning has become increasingly difficult to sustain. You need to explore alternative, such as e-learning methods, which can reduce the cost burden and can replace or supplement traditional teaching. The e-learning is highly valued by students and teaching format unanimously to adopt, but it requires a lot of dedication and skill sets of professionals who will develop digital content. Our goal is to determine the best way to maintain focus and motivation of students in front of the e-learning through the development of a  application for the study of orthodontics in the Flipped classroom model.

Dr. Edison Willrich Sales

Tips clinics in the self-ligating system with mbt philosophy and CRYSTAL 3D


Author of the book: “Evidences Clinics and treatments Tomográcas in brackets Autoligados Systems”; And author of the book “Secrets of Self-Ligating Clinical System”; Co Designer of Brackets CRYSTAL3D System; And Professor of European Orthodontic Center – EU;  Self Ligating University Professor.

Presentation of how not to make mistakes with self-ligating system and philosophy to achieve btm natural dental arch (DNA) in malocclusions

Dr. F. Ruiz Gregorio

Treatment with self-ligating Lingual aestétic  Bracket with Direct Bond – Lingual Clip


Author of the book: “Evidences Clinics and treatments Tomográcas in brackets Autoligados Systems”; And author of the book “Secrets of Self-Ligating Clinical System”; Ÿ Co Designer of Brackets CRYSTAL3D System; And Professor of European Orthodontic Center – EU; Ÿ Self Ligating University Professor.

We currently have many patients with recurrent problems or small crowding in the upper or lower anterior teeth as the main complaint. This technique offers a solution to these demands with low custos and ease of implementation

Therapist Nicoleta Ilie

The connection between holistic therapies and dental treatments for dentist use in own benefit and their patients.


Holistic therapist, Reiki Master Kundalini, expert Metamorphic Technique and programming / DNA activation.

Our day-to-day work, stress, family concerns, both own and others, the influence of the people around us … all these factors cause us fatigue, insomnia, mental block. Holistic therapies as Reike Kundalini, Metamorphic Technique, Life Energy card and many others belong to a world where some professionals health area know and can make a big difference in their lives and their patients. His lecture aims to present and entangle the use of therapies in dental treatments such as bruxism, orofacial pain, fear, anxiety, considering that each tooth represents an emotion.

Dra. Silvana Kairalla

The Kairalla’s system  2D lingual orthodontics.


Specialties: Master in Orthodontics, Orthodontics Facial Specialist, Specialist in Functional Orthopedics. Specialist in Prosthodontics, Orthodontics Lingual Improvement, Improvement in Sleep Dentistry. Speaker Forestadent.

Kairalla technique optimizes the treatment of lingual orthodontic brackets 2D, we introduce simplifications and better procedures.

Dr. Edgardo Borraccetti

Diagnosis and Treatment of Class III


The aim of this conference is to provide the clinical parameters to diagnose the different variables of class III. Knowing how to use the different types of treatments in each of the stages of growth and development of children to adult.

Dr. Wagner Hummig

Pharmacology of pain


The aim of the lectures is to provide students with the leading pharmaceutical specialties in control of orofacial pain with didactic and objective lessons, knowing mechanisms of action , side effects, contraindications and specific mechanism of action of each drug. At the end of the course students will be able to prescribe drugs such as opioids, NSAIDs, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, topical adhesives lidocaine and capsaicin (patchs), muscle relaxants and painkillers. The art of controlling the pain starts with a good prescription, this is the opportunity to learn how to prescribe and broaden your horizons.

Dr. Killian Cristoff

Surgical alternative to treatment for temporomandibular disorders.


Esp. in DTM, Esp. Surgery and Traumatology Buco Maxillofacial, Professor University Of Paraná Tuiuti, Chief of Surgery service and Buco-Maxillofacial Hospital Nuestra Señora del Pilar – Curitiba – PR

Temporomandibular disorders have been diagnosed increasingly nowadays. Among the treatment options for these conditions, the temporomandibular joint surgery stands out. This conference aims to clarify the indications for surgery and discuss the various current surgical techniques with their advantages and disadvantages, and possible complications. A good surgical outcome begins with an accurate diagnosis and precise surgical indication.

Dr. José Stechman

The orofacial pain’s control which is originated from temporomandibular disorders.


Associate Professor, School of Biological and Health Science – Tuiuiti University, Parana – Brazil. Associate Professor Post Graduate Program in Communication Disorders. Coordinator Post Graduate TMD and Orofacial Pain

There are several therapeutic approaches for the orofacial pain’s control which is originated from temporomandibular disorders. However, there is a misunderstanding related to the use of the occlusal splints. Indeed, nowadays, we know that it can be part of the professional therapeutic arsenal, but it may not be seen as the unique treatment modality applicable. Therefore, the conference will provide a large overview of the therapeutic resources based on the current available scientific evidence.


Bonus: 2 online courses offered by Advance conference registration:

  1. 1- Stimulotherapy module 1-2, Author: Dr. Durán von Arx
    1. Important Concepts: Function and form. We’ll talk about: craniofacial growth and development, function and form, breathing, swallowing and masticatory pattern
    2. Problem Analysis: A correct diagnosis can achieve good results and stable. It prevents recurrence if at first. Functional Diagnosis
  2. 2- Invisible aligners, modulo 1, Author: Dr. Eduardo Padrós

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