Schedule 3rd OWC


Dr. Sérgio Jakob A proposal to simplify the diagnosis in orthodontics: The Frenck Ortodontics System Protocol 24-nov 16:00 Pt
Dr. José Durán Individualization in orthodontics 24-nov 18:00 Es
Dr. Alan Rodrigues Complex Orthodontic treatment: A non-invasive aesthetic Self Ligating System to treated complex cases without extraction or palatal expander. 24-nov 20:00 Es
Dr. Celestino Nóbrega Selligating system biomechanics at key moments 24-nov 22:00 En
Dr. Leoncio Menéndez MEAW 24-nov 00:00 Es
Dr. Haris Khan Orthodontics without wire bending 25-nov 16:00 En
Dr. Kenedy Kuhn The use of botulinun toxin in Orthodontics. 25-nov 18:00 Pt
Dr. Wilson Aragão The importance of the facial nerves for the orthopedic and orthodontic treatment. 25-nov 20:00 Es
Dr. Luis Alvarenga Vertical control management. Using the semi-adjustable articulator 25-nov 22:00 Es
Dr. R. de la Flor Calderón How to achieve excellence in orthodontic and dental Orthopedic treatment. 25-nov 00:00 Es/En
Dr. Marlos Loiola Contemporary diagnosis and planning treatment of included Canines. 26-nov 16:00 Pt
Dr. Alfonso Campos Class II correction with Invisalign. 26-nov 18:00 Es/En
Dr. Alfonso Alvarado Low friction in orthodontics: Keys to decrease periodontal pain. 26-nov 20:00 Es/En
Dr. José Roberto Ramos The most common defects of orthodontic appliances made in the laboratory and their corrections. 26-nov 22:00 Pt
Dr. Juan José Alió Selective control of friction with Orthospeed System 26-nov 00:00 Es
Dr. Jonás Ferreira New technologies T.I. in teaching orthodontics, use of AppOrtoRoute. 27-nov 16:00 Pt
Dr. Edison Willrich Sales Tips clinics in the self-ligating system with mbt philosophy and CRYSTAL 3D 27-nov 18:00 Es
Dr. F. Ruiz Gregorio Treatment with self-ligating Lingual aestétic  Bracket with Direct Bond – Lingual Clip 27-nov 20:00 Es
Therapist Nicoleta Ilie The connection between holistic therapies and dental treatments for dentist use in own benefit and their patients. 27-nov 22:00 Es
Dra. Silvana Kairalla The Kairalla’s system  2D lingual orthodontics. 27-nov 00:00 Pt
Dr. Edgardo Borraccetti Diagnosis and Treatment of Class III 28-nov 16:00 Es/En
Dr. Wagner Hummig Pharmacology of pain 28-nov 18:00 Pt/En
Dr. Killian Cristoff Surgical alternative to treatment for temporomandibular disorders. 28-nov 20:00 Pt
Dr. José Stechman The orofacial pain’s control which is originated from TMJ disorders 28-nov 22:00 Pt
Dr. Aureo Loreto TESTIMONIALS – The Propeller of Results in Health Sales Processes. 28-nov 00:00 Es

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