Amazing Braces Results after 20 weeks- Open Bite Closed

My braces results after 20 weeks. After 20 weeks, my open bite was closed.

9 responses on "Amazing Braces Results after 20 weeks- Open Bite Closed"

  1. Why haven't you posted anymore. videos? I am so happy to find out I am not the only person with an open bite.

  2. do you remember the first time your teeth touched? I do, I was so excited

  3. how old are you

  4. how did the open bite corection changed your face?

  5. did your open bite came back after braces ?!

  6. Hello! Well done for your patience and courage!! I've got an open bite too, and i'll start fixing it iwith braces in a few months. I was wondering…do you think your treatment changed the bone structure of the jaw?

  7. how many weeks before they change ??

  8. Hi! do you know what was the reason for your open bite to become wider after 6 weeks?

  9. Hey there ! I have a 6 mm open bite and my orthodontist told me I need surgery. My open bite looks like yours. Exactly. Can you tell me where did you go to get your and how much approximately it cost you ? I'm being told 7 000 $ (Braces + surgery)…

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