Amazing Deep Bite Correction: Orthodontist!

Amazing Deep Bite Correction: Orthodontist!

See step by step how was fixed this case with braces
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orthodontic problems – Deep Bite
Dr. Matthew David McNutt, Orthodontist
offices in Cary NC and Clayton NC
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39 responses on "Amazing Deep Bite Correction: Orthodontist!"

  1. how old is this person on the video?? I have similar bite and i want to fix it but i am 28 years old and don't know will be possible. Also have really big diastema 5mm big

  2. Please, doc, i need your opinion! Ive been through a treatment at 13..for having a deep bite. Ive had so many different braces. I still have a deep bite. I dont quite know how to explain: like they fixed it a little, I can move my jaw forward so that my lips look normal. But in order for me to chew, I move it back. so obviously i tend to bite my lower lip. And also, its annoying because i cant relax my jaw. My "normal" position to me is, my molars not touching, and my front (under) teeth touching my incisors. Is that normal? I cant sleep facing up because there is not enough space for my tongue or something like that, so i snore -_- How on earth would you fix this? thanks

  3. omg the teeth made me cringe a little their soooo croojed

  4. Hi Doc, I will soon be 27 years, how long will it take me to close my open bite with braces thanks.

  5. Hello I had a deep bite and I put braces on for 3 years and now I had them removed and I still have a deep bite. My doctor says I don't but I asked 2 other doctors and I've seen pictures compared to my teeth and I am sure I still have a deep bite. I am so disappointed I had 1 chance to fix it and wasted 3 years. Is there another way to fix deep bite other than braces? and what should i tell my doctor? please help

  6. I had 4 premolar extractions, they've given me a deep bite after this "treatment" and a narrow upper arch, I want to correct this and create a fuller smile (The deep bite also wears up my incisors). I've read of orthos re-opening the extractions spaces but I'm not sure if this can be done where I live, are there other options? From this description, do you know if this can be correct?

  7. How long did the lateral incisor take to go down and in a good position? I have the same problem

  8. you have used quad hélix expander ???? or rapid palatal expander ?? please answer me :)

  9. Did you extract teeth for this?

  10. Too bad they don't brush

  11. my theeth are like that

  12. Good day! I have a deep bite but my dentist gave me a posterior bite plate. Is it OK? Because I've watch all the video and Ive seen that a posterior bite plate is used to correct an open bite not a deep bite. Am I wrong? Thanks!

  13. Class II , div 2

  14. Dude needs to brush

  15. how do you achive the rotation of U6L with a straight wire appliance?
    toe in?

  16. fantastic work… my case is so similar to this patent but my doctor suggested placing 3 mini screws too and this made me a little scared ?? he said I need them because I am old (23 years old) and I came late so this is my only option so my question is do you think I need to ask for a second oppinion or not? thank you very much
    note/ I put braces in the past and it failed so this is why I have trust issues I guess ?

  17. very nice work , you can explaine please what wire you use step by step ?)

  18. my deep bite is worse what do you think that they would do just how long it would take

  19. Fantastic and Amazing video !! May I share it with Japanese patients?

  20. How long did this take to correct the deep bite? I have that problem but not as severe as this case, I am using damon system at the momment as my orthodoncist decided, been using it for 3 months now, and i dont see any difference, im kind of worried it may not work or take too long ):

  21. Omg i have a deep bite

  22. Hello Matthew, Very nice video! I have question in regards to overbite and profile. I have overbite as in the video at 0.30 seconds. What is your recommendation for extending the lower jaw to match the upper sector of the teeth? I feel the lower jaw is significantly behind. 2-3 mm for me would be perfect to corrent the over bite to give an image of how far back. it is very noticble.


  23. 1:41 is what my teeth look like but more gaps,with teeth like that will braces take longer

  24. the first deep bite I have

  25. I have a deep bite

  26. Hi Doc! could you plz answer one question, does correcting your deep bite increases the length of the face? if yes than by how much ?

  27. any help in Ghana

  28. I want to do brace but don't no where to get it done

  29. i have a normal deepbite, an ugly teeth which isn't in the row and some ugly gaps ? but my parents don't allow to get braces, too unuseful and expensive?

  30. I exactly have this kind of deep overbite and underbite. Please help

  31. I'm getting braces soon because I have a deep bite

  32. Is anyone else having a problem telling their family that u need barces but
    they say no?!?!?!?

  33. The way i got my teeth like this, is biting my lower lip ever since i was 5 and now im 13 and i still sorta do it getting braces next week though :)

  34. This helped a lot so thank you ??

  35. I have an over bite 

  36. Thank you for the video. What kind of 3D virtualization software are you using ?

  37. My 4 upper front teeth go forward and lay on top of my bottom lip.

  38. This is my teeth. Well, my bottom teeth and far above and back of where they should be, but also my top teeth have come forward and out. So both cases. The teeth next to the 4 front teeth have fallen sideways outwards due to having teeth previously removed there. The four bottom front teeth have started fanning out. I realised recently that I have been grinding my back teeth quite severely for years because of general stress and the uncomfortable-ness of my mouth. This has caused gum recession on the top teeth, the exact ones I put repeated pressure on. I am 34 now and really need this correcting as they are only getting worse and it really has affected my outwards appearance and self esteem. Hopefully this year I will be able to afford having a bite plate and then braces. What a nightmare.

  39. I go to that orthodontist

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