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September 21, 2016


  1. Please I have open bite I need Treatment where is ur location, n hw do I get in touch with u

  2. hello great work doc .. u do moderate anchorge in this case and put bracea more gingivally and tract ant segment by two steps canine.then anteriors … in traction of anteriors why not use power chain or class 2 elastics or TAD to make them back .. i want know what u use to make them tracted thnx

  3. I have a severe anterior open bite and surgery is not a option for me at the moment, please advise

  4. I could never afford braces I've always wanted then now at 30 I want to get them can this still he corrected on someone my age ?

  5. I have an open bite and i want to fix it with crowns im 42 not getting braces

  6. amazing good job! is this an adult?

  7. Good job! Any Quad Helix?

  8. Lack of brushing

  9. which teeth were removed for this

  10. what type of retainer will be use for this case?

  11. i have the same problem! how much does this cost!!??

  12. Can an open bite be corrected without surgery? I just had braces put in and my ortho said is not needed, yet I had other orthos say it was needed.

  13. Was this done on a minor or an adult?

  14. Did you need surgery to correct your open bite?

  15. how do I contact your clinic my cell phone is +14049933016

  16. How long did this process take?

  17. I wonder if it's possible for an orthodontist to take a normal occlusion and create this kind of open bite.

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