Amazing Treatment of Surgical Open Bite without Surgery in A.O.C.

Orthodontic Treatment of a surgical case with Severe Open Bite, skeletal Class III & maxillary transverse discrepancy using fixed appliances with No surgery, No extraction, No micro-implants, in Atwan Orthodontic Center.

Jaw surgery before and after : Upper (open bite) + genioplasty

Hi! Here is a video of my upper jaw surgery and genioplasty surgery I had on October 15 2012. I had great difficulty in chewing and incise food.I had braces 3 times in my life over a period of 5 years but it was not enough to correct my openbyte. After several times of reflection I decided to go with the surgery because I’m young and there is so much less risk than a older person. If you ask the questions, I highly recommend it. I had a great experience and I am very happy of the results. Thanks to my family and my friends who took really care of me.

Sorry for my english, i speak french 🙂

Thank you!
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21 responses on "Amazing Treatment of Surgical Open Bite without Surgery in A.O.C."

  1. great job… can you give some details about this technique used in this case?

  2. Gladthe surgery went well. And your dog is adorable btw

  3. can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack

  4. Dose it effect your nose

  5. Im going to be doing this in 1.5-2 years. What were the biggest problems for you? Did you experience a lot of pain?

  6. When did the swelling in your cheeks go down? I'm 5 weeks post op & my cheeks looks high & my nose looks like its pushed up :(

  7. Hola! Congratulation u look wow!! 🙂 I was living in montreal qb Je parle un peu français lol!! But now im living in calgary ab i have the same problem but id like to know the price$ please thank u have a nice day

  8. Hi! How much did it cost?

  9. I have the same problem, I'm considering this. My ortho said he can't fix my open bite with braces anymore even I've had them for 5 years gotten them off 1.5 ago and now the problem is back. To this day is your bite perfect? Or did it shift back to an open bite? I'm scared to get the surgery done then my bite goes back to being open 

  10. Did you do any myofunctional therapy? Are they relapsing at all? 

  11. How old were you? I'm 18 and I'm not sure if I should get it because "I'm still growing".  
    Also what was the pain like for you? How did you get back to normal life and what are the risks like for the future? 
    I think it's better than implants right? Because I heard the bone will grow back naturally

  12. how much did it cost?

  13. I saw the surgery and it's really disgusting, and I don't know if you can smile, talk normally.. I'm kinda afraid of doing mine in the future, I need it, my chin has a lot skin, and my upper lip skin is small compared to the lower.

  14. Oui, je suis à Montréal plus précisément. Mon chirurgien est Dr. El-Hakim, son bureau est au centre ville. Il m'a dit que seulement des frais de préparation me sont chargés, mais pour moi c'est beaucoup 2000 $ étant donné que je suis étudiante et j'en ai parlé avec mon orthodontiste j'avais des broches, mais je l'ai enlevé alors qu'il faut les garder pour ce genre de chirurgie et l'orthodontiste m'a proposé de me les remettre mais il veut me charger encore ! Je suis on ne peut plus sceptique…

  15. salut!, ma chirurgie était compris dans mon traitement d'orthodontie, mon orthodontiste ma référé à mon chirurgien et j'étais couvert à 90% pour l'orthodontie. j'ai donc débourser un 10% de mon traitement complet. Tu es au québec ? 

  16. i'm doing it too. my doc said a chin implant is better than a nose job for many reasons. it balances everything, it's the foundation. plus recovery is faster and op is cheaper. 

  17. not sure how genioplasty is covered by good for you!

    i'm doing the same thing since I have a weak chin and it makes my nose look huge. chins are overlooked by many people. amazing how much of a difference it can make for a person.

    too bad i waited so long but still not old i suppose.

  18. I'm scared to trust any doctor, but I can see that this is a great doctor he did a great job on you I'm so excited to do the same and all I need is a genioplasty. I have some questions and they might be stupid but I have never done any surgery in my life.
    how much did the genioplasty cost? and where and how did you search for a good doctor?I have recently moved to Boston I just don't know anything ..
    Have a good day :)

  19. omg omg i need this surgery too! and im so nervous that i actually felt a hole in my stomach while i'd watched this video.
    And i have to thank you, cos you answer a lot of questions i had.
    like the pain and also if i would look like a different person.
    By the way… you look awesome 🙂 i'm so happy for you.
    thanks for this video
    and sorry for my bad english xD -i did my best-

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  21. Well.. .I did -25 lbs past 1 week.Open

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