American Orthodontics Empower® Self Ligating Braces

Empower is the world’s most complete self ligating bracket system, available in metal, clear, and molar tubes. Empower allows unprecedented treatment options — including our innovative Dual Activation™ System, combining interactive anterior brackets with passive posteriors.
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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel.

So this is my second video about my self-ligating braces. I just had my third appointment where they finally changed my wire. Come with me to see what happens.

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11 responses on "American Orthodontics Empower® Self Ligating Braces"

  1. I have this brace . Nice

  2. Hi do you actually have any elastic bands around each bracket? How do they fare in terms of staining? Esp around the bracket edges!

  3. Year 2011

  4. At 9:33 year of 2011?!??! Woah gurl your way behind!

  5. Wow BIG improvement nice smile

  6. Crowns? Can you make a close up please ??

  7. i have self ligating braces too and i can relate to the gap issue! i have a gap in-between my central incisor and my upper incisor and it closed after visiting my od last month and now its open again! its so strange!

  8. your beautiful. I love you 🙂  I can't wait to have my braces on maybe next month. thanks for inspiring.

  9. Cute! Do you have fillings? ??

  10. Omg this is perfection! You deserve wayyy more subscribers.lovee your channel new subbie! I'm do happy I found you lol. Girl check out my channel too (: thanks gorgeous 

  11. lovely smile

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