Anterior Openbite Braces

A sample animation of an Anterior Open bite being corrected with braces.

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September 24, 2016

20 responses on "Anterior Openbite Braces"

  1. Omg mine hurts so bad and I cannot open my mouth because the bands are so tight!!!

  2. How long for this process?

  3. Do you have to wear rubber bands all day? they told me I had to but I'm just using them at home

  4. I HATE TOO MY OPEN BITE! but im getting braces in two weeks.

  5. If you still suck your thumb, though, it's an advantage since an open bite makes it much more comfortable.

  6. eso les pasa a las personas por chuparse los dedos xD

  7. Nope, I did not have any extra teeth but if you do, they will extract them. :/

  8. That's exactly how I was. The first ortho we went to wanted to pull teeth but we kept on looking for another one, and the one I'm at now is against teeth pulling. 

  9. Wow! That's awesome. I hope my ortho can o that with my teeth, because I am against pulling healthy teeth.

  10. Nope! All the moving was done with rubber bands, headgear in the first phase, and braces!

  11. Nice!! Congrats…did they make you extract any of your teeth so that they could close the bite?

  12. Well by now, my braces have been gone for 3 months. They waited about 6 months, so they tried straightenining my teeth out first, then to close the bite they used elastics to also shift the teeth into the proper position. :)

  13. Did you get teeth extracted the first or the second time around?

  14. How long did you have to wait to get the elastics?

  15. How long have you had braces?

  16. Did your orthodontist have any teeth extracted?

  17. I have the front one. I get my braces off in a month though so I'm happy! It's worth it.

  18. I wear those 🙁 But only by the night :D

  19. This looks… painful. I only got elastics for for my canine teeth and it is annoying as hell, how much more for getting it on your front teeth.

  20. you take them out to eat, genius.

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