Braces – Elements of the orthodontics and its role ©

Braces - Elements of the orthodontics and its role ©

3D video of Clinica Pardiñas ( about the different elements used in braces, including brackets, elastics, microscrews etc. Different movements used in orthodontics in order to achieve a successful treatment are also described. More dental treatments in 3D in our channel

Video produced by MadMouse Studio:

Braces photo everyday video orthodontics was originally created on my old merden account. I got the idea for this from madandcrazychild

I was 27 when I began braces treatment – orthodontics – for crowding on both upper and lower teeth. I used the Damon system and was originally given a treatment time of between 12 and 18 months (final debanding occured after 14 months). I searched youtube for Before and After video’s, stumbled upon about a thousand video diaries but very few “complete transformation” videos. As an adult with braces, I discovered that it’s a little more difficult to get “perfect” teeth, but overall i’m happy with the end result. Now i’m set for another 9 months of full time retainer wear. If anybody has any questions feel free to ask me i’ll try and share my experience.

Extra info: For those interested, I didn’t have healthcare so the total cost from start to finish was 00 Aud.

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September 23, 2016

24 responses on "Braces - Elements of the orthodontics and its role ©"

  1. Is this what all orthodontics do?

  2. Rochell May

  3. Do you really drill into the gum ?

  4. More dental treatments in 3D in our channel

  5. after I get my braces off I'm going to be very afraid of getting punched in the mouth since it costs a lot of money.

  6. This is so cool

  7. that guy was a cutie ?

  8. honestly his upper teeth were so cute before braces
    am I weird for thinking that?

  9. it's the same

  10. ahh your smile is so nice afterwards

  11. ah braces, they are magical! but they are a pain, i have about half a year left with mine

  12. name of the song? original

  13. you look like ed helms

  14. woohoo I can't wait to get mine in a few months, my teeth looks exactly like yours.. ???

  15. bruh my teeth looked practically identical to yours. ive had my braces for three years.

  16. I'm almost 15 and I've had braces for almost four years. my orthodontics said I get them off this year!!!

  17. for a second i thought this was ezra from pll??? lmao

  18. Xiunee Kenobi (StarWarsFanatic)September 23, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    stop sticking your tounge out please im 14 and having mixed feelings about that ?

  19. does a retainer only used for adults ?

  20. Oh yeah he kinda does look like Ezra?

  21. I had braces for 2 years but my teeth moved to there original state so I have braces again for 4 months only

  22. looks like Ryan Reynolds

  23. that is amazing! i like Brace teeth

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