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Braces – Dr. Vishal Sharma of Aura Orthodontics gives us a look into the procedure of putting on braces. This video will give potential and current patients a good idea of what is involved when coming in for your first bonding appointment. Learn more at:

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Hi, I’m Dr. Vishal Sharma from Aura Orthodontics
Today we’re going to walk you through a typical bonding appointment
this way you’ll have a much better idea of what it’s like when you get your braces on.
So enjoy the video.
First I’d like you to notice that our patient has a cheek retractor in her mouth.
The cheek retractor is to make sure that the cheeks stay away from the teeth
giving us a good visual and making sure that saliva doesn’t contaminate the surface.
Here we are placing a special solution on our patients teeth, which helps to lightly roughen the tooth surface.
This makes sure that the glue can penetrate the surface of the tooth and braces stay on nice and hard.
After 20-30 seconds, we makes sure to wash away all the solution.
Once the surface of the teeth are dry, we can apply a special conditioner which helps the glue stick to the teeth.
Next I apply the braces one by one.
The braces already have the glue on them so it’s very important to remove any excess glue.
Once the brace is in the perfect position it’s important to use a special light which hardens the glue.
The glue is light sensitive and also moisture sensitive.
If any moisture gets on the glue, it will make sure that the braces do not stick on properly.
Once I make sure that the conditioner has penetrated the surface of the teeth, it’s important to give the teeth a light air dry to make sure everything remains dry.
Again, we apply the braces one by one.
You’ll also notice our patient has a tube going into her to make sure that no excess saliva goes in there.
You’ll also notice our patient has safety goggles on at all times to protect her eyes.
Again, its important to make sure the braces are in the perfect position.
Then we just lightly dry the surface to remove any surface moisture.
Again, we use a special light to harden the glue.
After all the braces have been placed, it’s time for the wire.
First we place the wire in the back teeth.
Once the wire has been secured inside the back braces this is when you get to select your band colour.
In this case our patient selected blue.
At Aura Ortho we have several colours to choose from including neon green, gold, silver.
Some popular combinations of colours include blue and green for the Vancouver Canucks and black and yellow.
When we apply the colour ties you’ll feel a little bit of pressure on the surface of the tooth.
It’s important that the wire is inside all of the braces.
The rubber ties make sure to keep the wire inside the brace throughout your treatment.
The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes and ta-da we’re all done!

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  8. When one has a poorly formed bite, clearly the jaw is not working efficiently. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear of your teeth. As you visit an orthodontist, he will most likely focus on correcting your facial structure to make you look great once again.

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  11. Just got mine done a few minutes ago It really isn't bad it's just the preasure and the spacers

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