Damon 3 Self Ligating Braces

The Damon 3 bracket is setting the standard for self ligation efficiency and quality. Imagine trying to drive down the road with your brakes on. That’s what it’s like when orthodontic wires are held in with the older style ligature ties. When you remove the ligatures, suddenly things start moving faster and with less force. That’s what passive self-ligation is all about, – low friction, low-force orthodontics with a system that delivers better performance and control.

The unique design of the Damon 3 bracket provides me, as an orthodontist, with a bracket that has four solid walls. Without elastic ligatures that fatigue, or springs that bend, control in tooth movement is assured. Torque, rotations, in-out discrepancies, and closing spaces, are made much easier and more efficient with the Damon 3 bracket.

The aesthetics of the Damon brackets are also much improved. With a combination of new clear composite resin and surgical-grade stainless steel, the Damon 3 brackets provide an aesthetic quality that patients really like.

Damon 3 brackets feature ultra-smooth contours and ergonomics unlike any other orthodontic appliance. With the combination of geometries that “sweep away” food and the absence of debris-attracting ligatures, Damon 3 brackets may be the cleanest and most comfortable brackets ever designed.

Damon 3 is much more than a well-functioning bracket. It’s the combination of passive self-ligating brackets, hi-tech archwires, and simplified treatment protocols that work together in a new low-friction, low force, system that is clinically proven to provide remarkable advantages over traditional orthodontic approaches.

In summary, the Damon system uses very light forces in conjunction with passive self-ligating brackets to provide remarkable advantages over traditional orthodontic approaches — faster treatment time, very few auxillary appliances and greater patient comfort. (See also www.damonbraces.com)

American Orthodontics Senior Product Manager Andrew Pietzner leads us through opening and closing methods for the Empower self ligating family of brackets. The self ligating clip on Empower metal, clear and molar tubes easily opens using one universal instrument, and closes with simple finger pressure. To learn more about Empower braces, please visit http://www.americanortho.com/empower.html.

September 22, 2016

20 responses on "Damon 3 Self Ligating Braces"

  1. Amazing….

    It's good…

  2. Can You add color!?

  3. i have a question please, to which extent this braces affect jawline/face shape? i'm really worry about that :(

  4. Hi Michelle, thank you for your message. At 13 years old you will be fine. where do you reside so i can recommend a good Doctor?

  5. Thanks for your message seeking advice about orthodontic concerns. I can't comment on specific cases unless I have either looked at the patient personally or have detailed records that have been cephalometrically analyzed and sent to me. Please advise exactly where you reside so I may then recommend a practitioner, whom I trust, in your local area.

  6. I've got a malocclusion where my lower jaw hasn't developed all the way from having a tongue thrust and my top teeth stick out. I'm 23 now and I just got braces. My ortho wants to remove 8 teeth, I said no way in hell, wouldn't that make my face look ridiculously flat? I'm okay with needing jaw surgery to move the lower jaw up a little bit but I will never remove teeth. Would Damon braces help making my narrow arch which is shaped like a "V" into a "U"? I live in Houston Texas, thanks doc. :)

  7. Every case is different
    You would need to have a full orthodontic assessment with complete records

  8. Are traditional braces still effective as damon if no teeth are extracted?

  9. It is impossible for me to really comment on a specific case unless I have either looked at the patient personally, or have detailed records that have been cephalometrically analyzed and sent to me.

    If you live in Australia, I suggest you book yourself in for a new patient consultation. This would allow me to give you the best possible advice. If you live outside Australia, then please advise exactly where you reside so I may then recommend a practitioner, whom I trust, in your local area.

  10. Wisdom teeth have no effect on the narrowing of the smile

  11. Does removal of wisdom teeth create a narrow smile also or does this only apply to the removal or premolars?

  12. I didn't even know about different kinds, they just threw them on me and away I went. I'm glad these are the kinds I have. I am amazed at the improvement in 2 months. My teeth were pretty crooked and they're already almost perfectly straight!! unbelievable, I still can't believe it, I keep looking in the mirror! lol

  13. "They're smaller than the bigger braces" ….genius

  14. @Kara899 No they are not

  15. are they more bulky then traditional?

  16. Park Avenue Orthodontics - Invisalign NYC - Manhattan OrthodontistSeptember 23, 2016 at 12:58 am

    Great praise and testimony on Damon braces and, more importantly, shows that they work.

  17. I got these braces! damon braces and they really work well. my first six weeks with them I had big improvments although I still need more. and yea i'm american so they have them here.
    SO GLAD i got these instead of the traditional ones :)

  18. Witch one is Damon braces

  19. @DerekMahony Excellent Thankyou very much!

  20. @Antzilla78 Graham Moore is the is the only Orthodontist in Adelaide who practices exclusively Damon as such would be the best clinician that I can suggest.

    His details are: Dr Graham Moore, 28 Kensington Rd, Rose Park, SA, 5067 ph 08 8333 0066.


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