Deepbite Treatment by Cantilever Arch Wire – Orthodontic Treatment

Shark Week - Summer of the Shark | Deep Bite

Watch Shark Week’s SUMMER OF THE SHARK, Monday, August 1, 2011 at 10PM e/p on Discovery. | | Off the coast of Australia, watch as a shark completely rips through this man’s leg, having missed an artery by only a fraction of an inch.

20 responses on "Deepbite Treatment by Cantilever Arch Wire - Orthodontic Treatment"

  1. it's not pronounced fea it pronounced dead buddy

  2. this video is not real is just one reconstitution of what this old woman is telling

  3. I don't get how people think it's the Sharks fault it's not if we go in there territory this can happen cause they mistake is as there normal food such as seals so it's not the Sharks fault

  4. Fuck u bitch

  5. fucking sharks !!!!

  6. I have lost all respect for Discovery. Shark Week was great in its first year, second year was okay, everything after that is either extremely fabricated or completely made up. They try so hard to make it so dramatic, they don't understand that it doesn't work and we are on to their stupid bullshit.

  7. aaaaaaa aa

  8. I feel bad for that guy. but it was his fault

  9. Humans are the real Monster. We are exterminating all living creatures in this planet because we think it is OUR planet. Humans are not meant to be in Sharks´territory, if we invade their home, these accidents can happen.

  10. I'm Australian and the blonde has a true accent

  11. I don't get how people could survive or not suvive from the deadliest thing like a poisonus snake or sea snake or a shark

  12. do he die or is he OK please answer

  13. This diffrences in being attacked and being dumb

  14. Its really deadly yuk

  15. i love the sharks

  16. I think everyone who lies/misrepresents themselves online, should become shark bait. : )

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