Deepbite Treatment by Stepped Arch Wire – Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment of Class II division 2, Damon q low torque non extraction ,deep bite anterior bite turbo by Dr. Amr Asker at Asker Orthodontic Center
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6 responses on "Deepbite Treatment by Stepped Arch Wire - Orthodontic Treatment"

  1. I bet this patient finished class 2 molar and cuspid. You just tipped the upper incisors back to disguise his class 2

  2. Did you finish in classes I or it is a camouflage ,no lateral pictures presented

  3. man u guys did a great job. how long did this treatment take?

  4. Excellent dr

  5. where to get "green crosses" i dont use damon…just regular brackets?

  6. very good explained job thanks alot

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