DiCiccio Orthodontics: How Braces Work

Just how do braces work? Here is a short video to help you understand a little more about your braces.

Dr. Moody Alexander gives us a look at the proper bonding of American Orthodontics’ Alexander Long Term Stability (LTS) brackets. Twin brackets are used on upper centrals and laterals, and winged brackets are used on cuspids, bicuspids and mandibular anteriors.
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September 27, 2016

13 responses on "DiCiccio Orthodontics: How Braces Work"

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  2. I just got my braces, great all this stuff it's coming for me….?

  3. hi..i would like to ask if what the difference between 6 hooks bracket and 4 hooks bracket?my dentist recommended me to have the 6 hooks but yet more expensive


  5. They suck i hated braces but they were worth it.

  6. Hi ! does braces help to close large gap caused by extraction of molar(just got my first lower molar extracted) ?

  7. This helped me alootttt

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  9. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu for uploading thissssssss

  10. This is very informative and helpful to those who just had their braces. Great tips were also shared.

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