Extraction Orthodontics, is it right for you?

Extraction Orthodontics, is it right for you?

4 bicuspid extraction vs more organic and non-extraction approach and fine tuning. A sore spot amongst traditional dental practices and progressive alternative therapies. Watch this and draw your own conclusion- Hamid Nassery DMD, FICOI, FAGD www.miamibeachdentistry.com

As part of orthodontic treatment, Dr Geoffrey Hall at Advanced Orthodontics will often use elastics to correct the bite and alignment of the teeth and jaw. They may be a nuisance to wear for the few months you have to but the lifelong results are well worth it!

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September 24, 2016

40 responses on "Extraction Orthodontics, is it right for you?"

  1. Wait what my orthodontist made 6 teeth get pulled out now I have to get four more according to her

  2. my orthodontist suggested me to extract 4 teeth is it fine to get braces on

  3. do we have to get our wisdom teeth removed for braces

  4. My orthodontist said i need too extract 4 teeth''s im super scared should i do it? Will it change my face please help

  5. I have a gap in my top teeth and the orthodontist said i will have to extract one of my bottom tooth if i want braces so i have a good smile or i could go to the dentist to make the width of my top tooth bigger so i dont really know what to do as i dont want any tooth pulled

  6. Some comments: (1) Doctor Mew states that face changes with bicuspid extractions, but if you see a real human skull you observe that the bone "lost" occurs in the posterior part of the periodontium and around the front part of the lips. These parts has nothing to see with the zygomatic bone neither with the cheeks. The cheeks are soft tissue that cover the superior part of the maxilla (certainly the upper part of maxilla has kind of holes and are not protruded bones). Maybe the changes are more notable when extractions are released in children, but I think the changes are not dramatic (for every 5 or 6 mm of incisor retrussion, the lips move just 1mm…). (2) The male twins presented just say that the differences in bone structure can be atributed to the tratment, but we should wonder if they had different diet or different expositions to endocrine stimulus. Its very konwn that testosteron can affect the development of bones, and also the guy who claims that had extractions seems to have a more greasy face composition (diffferent lifestyles?). (3) At my 30's, I had 8 teeth extracted with orthondontics porpuoses (includes wisdom teeth) and I think my face changed for good, I show a more concave profile, my zigomatic bones are more notorious, my face look slimmer, but thats because I had a very rounded and fatty face. now my features are more defined (wich contradicts the guy's testimony). What I mean is: the extractions are suitable for some people. (4) Doctor Mews states that ortodox orthodoncists are changing faces for bad; but he also changes faces. Who can say what is a good or bad change? (5) Dr. Mew says that actors and beatiful people have a rounded profile, but who? Maybe mainly actresses. But If you see carefully, the most of the actors have a concave lip profile. (6) Now that Ive got the information I would have prefer not to extract teeth, just because teeth are important part of my body, but with the aesthetic benefits i've gained, just I don't care… I think its very silly to be worried about VERY small changes, but go with a professional orthodoncist and ask for second opinions

  7. i have extracted 4 teeth and i did not see this video
    Now,I have a problem with both of my jaws which makes clicking sound. I also have a problem when I move around because my body/joints makes ticking/clicking sounds. I never had this problem when I didnt get braces. .
    I actually did the exercises to prevent the clicking sound but it does not seem to work on me. I can show you my picture. Please help.

  8. Hey I went to an orthodontist for braces and he recommended I have 4 teeth extracted before he even took any x-rays, could I email you some pictures to get your opinion? I was about to go ahead with the extractions but I'm having second thoughts if it will ruin the profile of my face

  9. my upper front teeth are little forward so my smile is not confident so i went to orthodentist and he told me to extract 4 teeth so should i do it

  10. I had three of my wisdom teeth extracted due to being impacted and causing me pain. Now I have put braces on without removing any other teeth. I'm wondering if my face would be ruined too.

  11. ‫هيفاء سالم‬‎September 25, 2016 at 2:20 am

    I'm an adult (22) and my mouth protrudes ?
    I went to 3 Orthos and all of them suggest to extract 4 teeth.
    I'm really worried, please is there anyway I can send you photos ?
    Its been about a year now and I'm still doing my research for braces.

  12. My lips exceeds that of my nose. I'm sure extractions and braces will be very fine for my face, and people of more protrusive profiled.

  13. Are there any methods to treating a protrusive profile other than extractions or surgery? IPR seems to be too conservative for a change in profile…

  14. I have 2 molartooth giving me pain, also broken that can be save with root canals but that is too expensive so they recommended to extract them and also it will help
    Because my tooth are crowded as well? And add braces … I hope someone can help me and give me advice..

  15. Hamid Nassery, DMD ,FICOI, FAGDSeptember 25, 2016 at 4:11 am

    well Emily it all depends on your symptoms. if you have no issues then I would say you just monitor your health.. I would be looking for possible frequent head aches, neck pains, grinding teeth and snoring. make sure to incorporate some sort of exercise such as yoga or Pilates into your routine. In my experience people with good posture stay asymptomatic.

  16. I have already gotten my teeth extracted but before I didn't really know about all this I'm really peri lid about this and I don't want to have any things happen to me please please tell me there's a hope

  17. my cosmetic dentist is fixing my smile and he is looking after my profile. lucky i have a mild case!

  18. Fucking orthodontists damage people's faces for life! Headgear and extractions is a fucking child abuse! There are so many victims of this kind of "treatment" out there, some of them severly damaged. And John Mew is a Hero! p.s. I probably should't swear, but there isn't any other way I am able to express my anger at what enormous damage mainstream orthodontics can do to children's faces!

  19. I am 20 years old and still have four of my baby teeth and an overbite (I have a video about my teeth on my channel) my orthodontist told me I should remove my four baby teeth so I can correct my overbite since there is no root left in my baby teeth anyway and it will eventually fall out now I'm afraid and confused and I'm not sure what to do since the teeth they will be pulling is teeth that didn't fall out anyway? please give me your opinion and if you have a chance check out my video on my orthontist consultation: I show my teeth towards the end really well!thanks agian!

  20. Should i extract two teeth because my mouth is small and its a bit crowded. my orthodontists told me to come back next year in january and to see if the arches of my mouth would grow a bit (im 14). I'm so confused.

  21. I have braces and I got these elastics on thursday 9/22, I don't know why the commenters below say it hurts, I have the elastics on both sides, it looks like 0:17 except where the molar bands are there is a gap (because I got 4 molars removed so the braces process can happen) and I think that with the elastics its moving the molar teeth forward. I saw that the gap is smaller in just two days. They do not hurt at all, my right side of the molar tooth with molar band slightly feels pressure, and when I eat it hurts, because its working. I do not remove the bands when I eat because my ortho says that you have to wear it at all times if not the process will start all over again, my rubber bands are still the same color, white; and I've eaten hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. She said until it snaps, you change the band immediately, so far my left rubber band snapped while eating eggs, and I spit everything out in the sink to not swallow the rubber band, afterwards I put a new one. Its not even painful so trust me.

  22. My elastic so still hurt a year after getting them

  23. Why am i watching this ??I already got my bottom braces 2 months ago and now that I'm getting my top ones tomorrow is that I'm looking this up logic

  24. The instructions say to remove the rubber bands only when eating or brushing teeth, but when/if you're snacking, you're not supposed to remove them?? Um, what?! That doesn't even make sense. Snacking IS EATING.

  25. y'all think this is bad…try getting a Mara :/

  26. Had mine put on yesterday. Feels like my teeth are shifting to the left. I thought my orthodontic nightmare is over. I was wrong. :)

  27. just got mines today lol

  28. thank god i only have to wear one on one side…still hurts though

  29. mmm

  30. I have to wear those stupid little buggers and they are KILLLING ME!!!!

  31. feels like someone is slowly pulling your teeth out

  32. my Orthodontics said that I would feel slight discomfort, DUDE I CAN'T EVEN OPEN MY MOUTH!

  33. tbis nigga uses 2 fingers to put them on wtf i use one

  34. Who hear is going to get there braces I am but I am nervous . ?

  35. Okay no one understands my question, when wearing these do you place your jaw where it usually is or do you place your jaw the way the elastic seems to be pulling it?

  36. Do u have to wear the band when u have top and bottom braces

  37. It hurts so bad… But theres jisoo to help me.

  38. He looks soooo funny at the beginning

  39. I'm not worried when the doctor put my braces on. the problem is does it hurt when it moves your teeth

  40. the first day I wore elastics, I accidentally swallowed them??

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