How can I enter the room directly?

Use this link to enter: http://login.meetcheap.com/conference,eortho Here sending you a video on how to enter the room videoconferencing: https://vimeo.com/68471673

Can I do a question?

Use the information above question and enter the room, you can use the chat here.

When I can see new video conferences?

The last Thursdays per month we have, in general, it is always recommended to check, video conferences on topics of dentistry, Orthodontics, interviews, articles etc clinical cases.

Why is it better to Premium membership?

The Free membership entitles you to see one videoconference per month, just Premium allows you to view offline and online on any day and time, besides having en discounts online courses. It is a small and very effective with this annuity. You also get certified by Congress and courses.


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