Hayward Braces: Jaw Surgery for Open Bite

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correction of open bite witout surgery by orthodontic appliance

September 21, 2016

18 responses on "Hayward Braces: Jaw Surgery for Open Bite"

  1. Does it effect to nose ??

  2. some bleeding is normal for some people with braces since your teeth are shifting it does effect your gums also

  3. my gums bleed and I brush two times a day and go to dentist regularly when you wear braces it is hard to reach down to the gum line correction your a dentist not an orthondists and my orthodontist who has a lot of experience never said it wasn't normal if you have bleeding a little bit

  4. I have the same problems. I had contacted my local dentist and asked if it’s be possible to apply the braces because I have an open teeth like in the picture. Beside, the doctor mentioned me that they would take out the molars before applying the braces. But I don’t want them to take put my premolars and molars. I just wanted to apply the braces. Do you think other dentist would have the opportunity to do this for me?
    I really wanted to have my normal teeth back. Please provide me with some information.
    Thank you

  5. he needs a good brushing

  6. did they have to remove any teeth?

  7. Was that a dental or skeletal open bite, or both?

  8. Hey where are you located?

  9. that is amazing ! i have the same issue and just started puting the braces. did u put any rubber or tongue crib ?

  10. You guys are rude… teeth are not meant to be perfectly white. That's just a hype and a dumb bleached out trend

  11. Did you get it from sucking your thumb and do you still suck your thumb? Personally, I think this kind of open bite would make thumb sucking much more comfortable and satisfying. 

  12. Did you have to wear bands or headgear??

  13. I have braces and its been a long process. Not really long but it seems like it. only for eight mouths my open bite is just like his ill be glad when it closes

  14. Is this a general open bite time lapse? I have braces for an open bite that's not as bad.

  15. Y'all are rude. And this is the orthodontist's channel, that's his patient.

  16. My open bite is jusr like yours! Amazing! But you need a deep cleaning!

  17. -*that is so cool.!! but y are your teeth yellow and stained white.??

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