iAOI Case Report by Dr. Tseng Ling-Yi : Congenital Missing and Deep Bite Correction

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In the last three months, I have travelled and presented in all 5 continents, a personal first and a great source of inspiration and learning of not only an orthodontic nature.
Highlights of my trips include being introduced by Dr. Larry Andrews (he must be somebody); receiving not only honorary membership of the South African Society, but also the first ever standing ovation for a guest speaker in their 50 year history; being told I had put Cartagena, Columbia on the orthodontic map. Also I received many comments “very difficult to go back to traditional lectures”,” If people remember anything of this after 10 years, it will be Chris Chang” and a Paraguay Dr. who told me her family thought she was crying about a love story, when actually she was watching one of my youtube lessons and couldn’t control her emotions!
One question which particularly made me think was a question from a South African who asked, ”Why can Taiwan produce Chris Chang?” I don’t deny that Taiwan has given me the ability and possibility to flourish, but I also believe that constant observation in life is key to development.
Whilst on safari in Africa, I was reminded of ostriches, which bury their heads in sand to avoid problems. If orthodontists had done that, then Dr Angle would never have created the first edgewise appliance. Furthermore, Dr Larry Andrews’ straight wire appliance, Dr Damon’ s self-ligation system and Taiwan’s extra alveolar screw system would also never have come to fruition! We must always have our eyes open, as inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes.
Furthermore, resting on one’s laurels is not positive if one wants to further one’s career. I personally feel that there are 3 keys to being able to present on the international stage.
1. Good contents, good case results2. Good computer skills, in particular the Keynote software. I have never seen a better one 3. The ability to perform on stage
We are proud that our next annual symposium on November 30th 2014 in Taipei will be the first dental symposium to provide the “nuts and bolts” of TED style presentations. I have invited my personal English presentation coach to impart, Mr. Paul Head, his expertise and knowledge to you all.
Head up, eyes and ears open. Let inspiration, dedication and conviction flow through you as we continue together furthering our professional skills / on the path to glory.
Chris Chang DDS, PhD, Publisher of IJOI.
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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Great Work ….. Real professional case

  2. Thank you very much for posting.

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