Israeli company gives orthodontics new bite

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Jan. 26 – An Israeli company has developed a teeth-straightening device that frees patients from having to wear aligners or unsightly braces. The device, which they say is as effective as conventional straighteners, utilises an air-driven pulsating plate and is designed to be worn only at night. Elly Park has more.

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20 responses on "Israeli company gives orthodontics new bite"

  1. Is this available in USA?

  2. In specific circumstances, this may be helpful treatment. This is not treatment for most cases.

  3. good i like it

  4. lo necesito en Peru estan ofreciendo esa tecnica?

  5. what if you need to have your teeth pushed inwards?

  6. OMGosh look what the Jewish people have come up with now. They are the most brilliant people on earth!!  They just keep contributing to the betterment of Society again and again.  All you stinking terrorist out there you should bury your heads instead of covering them!!

  7. I wish they had all this technology when I needed it. Now it is to late. My next will be false teeth

  8. Great invention. 

  9. This device cannot be used in Islam. This religion strongly condemns laughing. So don't have new gadgets for shaving, since Islam condemns that too. And by the way, my toilet was clogged and I put gloves on and placed my hand inside the toilet, suddenly a hand grabbed my hand, then I heard a voice, nice to meet you, I am Ahmad!!

  10. Wonderful :-)

  11. Here comes the US who's going to buy this, then greatly increase the cost by double or triple. <.<

  12. yet the leftist young generation want a boycott of Israel for its poor human rights to the palestinians
    Israel sets the benchmark for all other countries in asia and africa

  13. That is INSANE. wow. amazing. 

  14. How long before BDS calls for a boycott of this? Oh, those monstrous Israelis! How dare they make contributions to the world of medicine and technology. Shame on them! 😛

    Seriously though, check out the Rewalk – a device that enables some paraplegics (depending on the severity of their injury) to actually walk – and the OrCam which reads out labels for the visually impaired the user simply pointing at what they want read out.

  15. Good! Please send this to the United States too..and transfer this technology to rest of the world, too.

    Let humanity benefit from Israeli innovations

  16. geen beugel meer?

  17. Where are the muslim trolls

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