My Adult Braces Journey- Open- bite #1

Hey guys I’m posting this video so that you guys can follow me on my journey, it was very difficult to find information on fixing my bite… or to find people with a similar case like mine. The few I’ve found to be very helpful so i thought i should also post my own journey as it may help someone else like it helped me.
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This adjustment (11/17/15) was pretty standard. I did not get a wire change on either the top or bottom. He is focused on closing my front gap so my ortho put a new power chain on the front 6 teeth on the top row. They really hurt the next day! I could barely eat anything. On the bottom row I got a full powerchain like my previous months.
What color Bands do I have?: Deep Black
How Long Have I had my braces? : Top row since 2/18
Bottom row since 6/30

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September 27, 2016

16 responses on "My Adult Braces Journey- Open- bite #1"

  1. Wow you are gorgeous!! Will you please do an update? I would love to see your progress ?

  2. I have an open bite and cross bite as well. My ortho said my cross bite can't be fixed but my gap can close

  3. any update. plz share a video.

  4. Hi! I just subscribed to your channel because I'm 38 and have almost the EXACT problem as yours and want to follow your journey! I think it's great that you're sharing this info because it will help those of us with this type of bite see that we're really not alone. Good luck and I will keep watching your progress! ?

  5. hello! my name is Dave. I'm an ortho student. do you have an email we can chat with? I have some questions I'd love to ask you about your treatment.

  6. How is the process with your braces? I have an open bite to and started orthodontic treatment a month ago. Are they gonna make you have a tongue crib on? So far for me they put the tongue crib on which i've had on for a month now -_- sucks because I work in retail as a cashier and my speech sounds odd because of the tongue crib lol I still have to wait for the brackets to be put on hopefully on my next appointment they will put them on. Anyways good luck with you're braces!

  7. I have an open bite from sucking my thumb for 17 years. I'm 19 now and getting my braces in 2 weeks. I'm so excited to have a more beautiful smile. you look amazing and the braces look like they are already working.

  8. First off. You're beautiful. Second of all, Thank you for making this video. I have the same problem. I want braces. I have an open bite and I think my open bite is more severe. I hope that I don't need jaw surgery.

  9. I have clear but it turned a little yellow

  10. I got my braces last October 26 so I had them about 8-9 months and gurrrrrl they changed so much. First two month I looked so ugly, I avoided taking pics with people. But as time went on, I noticed huge difference. I got my power chains I think at April and so far they closed my extraction gaps, not completely but u can hardly noticed it. Now my gap on my lower front tooth… Yah that gap is playing games . It's closing but very little progress which sucks because I rather have that gap close then my molar gaps. My bite has also improved a lot. Braces are really a miracle. Congratulations on your progress, we soon shall be free from this torture?

  11. I've had braces since October 29th. I only have the top on and they are ceramic as well. I don't have any color on even though I'm supposed to which is strange but I'm not complaining lol. Before I got my braces on I had an impacted front tooth that didn't come down and as a result the one tooth next to that space where the other front tooth should be turned crooked plus both my canines were up further than they were supposed to be. I also have a palate expander as well to create space for the tooth that is impacted and to fix the crookedness of the tooth next to the canine. In a matter of two months my canines have moved down to where they are supposed to be and the one crooked tooth is slowly moving into place.

  12. Wowwww! Your teeth look awesome!

  13. congrats for your victory..I really excited to close my gap too..on Sunday would be my first adjustment..

  14. wow your teeth are looking good. your gap has close drastically fast. keep up the good work

  15. Well done on your open bite victory!! Those moments are so precious. Your teeth look great x

  16. you went to the orthodontist on my birthday!!! I STILL have purple because I go every 8 weeks rather than once a month. I am gonna get turquoise next time though. I love your videos I will be both sad and happy when you get them off 🙂 congratulations on your open bite victory I have an open bite too. oh my gosh lettuce…

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