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Hey friends!! this video is all about my braces. The cost, pros & cons, and my entire experience with them.I had an open bite which prevented my upper and bottom teeth from touching. I hope this video helps someone 🙂

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  1. before getting braces did they remove you some teeth?

  2. Thank you Luchi!!! My open bite is much more open than yours. My space is about half an inch and I have a gap in my teeth. I could never afford to get them done. before, but now I'm on a mission. When I smile, I only show my top teeth. When I speak, people can't even see my teeth which makes me self conscious. Thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Hi darling malachi, am so happy I come across dis video, I have similar problem, could u please send me ur orthodontist doctor's phone no and address thanks

  4. this is the same for but no one knew no even me. i thought it was just a overbite come to find out it was both. my jaw clicks as well which i never noticed till he told me. lmao get braces july 16

  5. I went to the dentist today for a cleaning and constellation. Haven't been in years at least 4 or 3. I have 7 cavities and a jaw problem due to a cross bite and open bite. Insurance covered all of the cleaning. I have to get all my cavities filled that I had for years and since I've been keeping a good dental routine. I really need/want braces. It causing me depression, social anxiety and stopping me from what I want to do. I have 8 other siblings and a single father so getting braces would take a long while.

  6. OMG I have an open bite too and everyone says my teeth are perfect and there is nothing wrong with them BUT I personally know I have an open bite because when I was younger I sucked my thumb all the time. My open bite isn't very noticeable but it makes me self conscious so I never smile with my teeth. The fact my open bite isn't very noticeable scares because I feel like the braces will make it more noticeable by having to reposition my teeth and the close the gap. Like I don't think my teeth are fully aligned because it's like my teeth shifted a bit and there for made the open bite less noticeable. Did you have the same problem and any tips or advice?

  7. I'm exactly in the same situation you were ! A few questions, did you keep your wisdom teeth ? Did you orthodontist had to pull out some teeth ? Also after wearing the squared rubber band, did you go back to the rubber bands on the sides (triangle) ? Or you wear all of them at a different time of the day ? INCREDIBLE VIDEO !!!!!! You have no idea how much you helped me :-D.

  8. the ortho I went to the other day told me that I needed surgery to fully fix my open bite and then have braces on at the same time. And the surgery itself is supposedly supposed to cost over 10 grand, so I knew I could not get the surgery at all. But I have another appointment at another ortho next week to see what he says, hopefully he doesn't mention the surgery and I can get braces and be done with it. Your teeth definitely have changed, and that gives me hope that mine could!!!

  9. I am so lucky that I came across this video! you've literally covered every thought in my head as it relates to braces in your video.However, I would like advice on a matter which has ultimately daunt my spirits on getting braces. I am a health professional, As such a major aspect of my career involves direct communication with patients. Did you find difficulty in communicating with strangers?? did you have to repeat something over and over again for them to understand you? what you you have done in my dilemma ?

  10. Love hearing other peoples stories! I also got braces and started a channel. Will definitely be following your journey! x

  11. Smart move, i regret not having my teeth done earlier in life. Is going to cause me a fortune now tha tam older, though i've been saving up for it now. Thanks for sharing. I've just subscribed pls sub back.

  12. Your teeth look amazing! I remember having braces!!

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