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  1. because the teeth are being pulled down via the rubber band, will the teeth become longer? or does this train the jaw bone to elongate?

  2. I have an open bite, but my speech is ok and I have a nice smile…so what should I do with it if I don't have any issues with it? I feel like my front teeth should just be a little bit longer. Do you have advice what should I do in this case?

  3. I have an open bite and a tongue thrust with straight teeth. I am an adult wearing braces for the second time. While my teeth were flared out, the braces fixed the flaring and am now told the only option is biscuspid extraction. I had never heard of using a rubberband to correct it instead. Can this be done with those of us who have tonge thrusts?

  4. Hi I had braces for a year and after when my teeth were all straight as possibly they can do I was left with an open bite. It's not severe or anything but one side I can fit half my pinky nail and tongue compared to the other side. My dentist said I'll have to get surgery to fix it. I've had my braces off for a couple of years now and do I need to have braces on to get surgery to fix it?

  5. I did the 6 months smile but it did not improve the open bite. It made my teeth straight but you still can see the gap. Now i'm wearing a braces elastic bands… Do you any other suggestion cause i'm really not happy with my teeth at all!! My teeth looks like the one on the video.

  6. Do,you get still get braces at 0:31

  7. Dr. McNutt: For the two cases (open bite in the back and open bite in the front) where you closed the open bite by wearing rubber band, how stable the end result would be? Does the patient need to have some surgical procedure on the gum done in order to maintain the result?

  8. I have perfectly straight teeth my whole life then went in for a filling my bite was off after then my dentist grind ed my top back molars now I have an open bite and my jaw started to grow it's hard to eat sleep do anything really and tmj problems on top of that. I feel your pain. I hope everyone gets there life's back and move on.

  9. I can't get braces cause my front teeth are short at the root and we can't afford surgery…I get bullied for it…I can't smile cause I get made fun of for it And I can't eat properly.

  10. Me too. excited to get it done. Eating normal is exciting.

  11. I had braces for 5 years and got them off about 1.5 years ago I suffer from an open bite, my orthodontist fixed the problem but now the open bite has come back. He says he can't do anything about it and I should try invisiline. What do you recommend I do?

  12. I have a natural tongue thrust and that's what caused my open bite 

  13. I'm getting braces for my open bite 

  14. I am extremely weary of wearing rubberbands to correct my 'underbite' as it is very mild, and I happen to like it. My friends cousin just hot his braces off after being in the same situation I'm in- he looks awful, his chin is non-existant, he has an odd looking jaw, and he has a lisp. I have no intentions of having any of those things. I like my chin and my jaw where they are, but I don't want to seem disrespectful when I suggest leaving it the way it is and the reason why to my orthodontist.

  15. is it possible that the tongue could push a little more to the left or right?
    because the opening is with my canine and premolars so im assuming it might hit when I swallow or when my tongue is in a resting position.

  16. Hi This is Dr. McNutt. What is known as a lateral tongue thrust can indeed cause or contribute to an open bite as you are describing. It may not be the only cause, but there are cases where the tongue will be at fault.

  17. I have an open bite because of a tongue thrust
    but I also have an opening on the left side with a few of my back teeth
    could my tongue thrust have caused the side opening? 

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