Openbite Treatment by Rubber Bands – Orthodontic Instruction

Correcting Openbite by Elastics or Rubber Bands in Orthodontic Treatment
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  1. how long does it usually take for a mild open bite to be fixed? I'm getting my braces off in October, and I wear my elastics 24/7. I've had these types of elastics for about a month now. I do still have a slight open bite, but will it be fixed by October?

  2. is it normal for your bite to open up again? because my ortho has me doing this and my bite closes but when i take of my rubber bands, my bite starts to open up slowly everyday

  3. What will be done for upper teeth protrusion and open bite?

  4. and you have to wear the rubber band all day? what about the looks?:(

  5. wont this require orthognathic surgery later? to fix "gummy smile"

  6. I have an open bite. I had braces for 2 1/2 years and my orthodontist never did that. are they still able to? it's a mild open bite

  7. for example there is a patient like this video. which elastics will we use?

  8. I have braces and my bite is exactly like this…my orthodontist have me wearing my bands and up and down but my bands won't close my bite, without my orthodontist permission I was wondering if I wear my bands as this video will it help to close my bite quicker…I wear my bands all day and night 24 hours and my bite just will not close.

  9. How much does this cost

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