Propel Accelerated Orthodontics

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  1. muy buen cambio ese procedimiento lo llevo y es súper rápido el cambio

  2. Esse prodissional não pode ser especialista em Ortodontia! Péssimo planejamento, execução ruim desde a colagem dos bráquetes e, como não poderia deixar de ser, resultado sofrível. Parece que ele inventou um tratamento sem base científica e isso é inadmisssível!

  3. How long did it take for the teeth to be aligned ?

  4. wow. good job


  6. Proclined and protrude upper incisors with no overjet seems the patient doesn't have class I molar relationship and the arches aren't coordinated.

    On the other hand, Bonding wasn't that good. especially the incisors. prefer tp extract 4 1st premolars with conventional braces and if the patient was old enough I would destalize with mini screws by extraction of 2 molars

  7. as a viewer, I'd recommend to speed this video up in the settings. Still slow enough.

  8. As I see the treatment procedure, I have seen some certain mistakes and some good treatment plan implemented. In my opinion first the removal of the 2nd molars is a choice which puts most of the orthodontic practitioners in a delima. Either to remove the 2nd molars or 1st premolars. But always considerations must be put into mind with regards to the patients age and the erupting 3rd molars. Since the patient, as I see it is in a growing stage therefore it is to be expected that the bone is still in its growing or expansion stage therefore the removal of the 1st premolars will cause more harm than good and eventually would cause an iatrogenic diastema cause by the extraction of the 1st premolars. So that leaves the next option of removing the 2nd molars. Since the child and the radiograph might had revealed an erupting 3rd molar then removing the 2nd molar would be the next best thing to align the anteriors by retracting the other dental elements posteriorly. And taking into consideration the growing stage of the patient, therefore any further bone expansion will not result to any diastema later on.
    Now with the extraction of the anterior incisor, in my opinion and true to the fact, it is a big no-no in orthodontics. Firstly, due to the removal of the said anterior tooth, there will be a tendency to cause a collapse in anterior bone segment since the patient is still in a growing state eventually it will cause an anterior overjet. Secondly, with the extraction of the anterior tooth, the midline is compromise. Thirdly, it is unesthetic considering that only 3 anteriors are left compared to the 4 anteriors on the upper.
    For these reasons, it is always a good thing to have in your practice the knowledge of all areas of dental practice such as esthetic dentistry and prosthodontics.

  9. you remove a second molaasaaars!!!!??? crime …. and u kill the dental midline ????!!!! … sorry but dislike

  10. juan antonio farrera velazquezSeptember 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    por que quitarias un central ? esto es tonto

  11. quanto tempo será que ele usou o aparelho '-'

  12. in my point of view it is wrong Tx, removal of molars is a crime in dentistry, also a unilateral extraction..

  13. You work magic.

  14. so stupid doctor. … it is not a esthetic teeth. You're not. you should make fit the front teeth. and the teeth must in the same number

  15. yo no estoy de acuerdo en la exodoncia de la pieza 41,automáticamente pierde la estética y el canino superior no articula normalmente.

  16. well, it looks like my sister's teeth

  17. ihavethisteeth ??

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