Orthodontic Treatment of Anterior Open Bite – Mahmoud 22yrs



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Anterior open bite treatment using bite block

Anterior open bite treatment procedure at baghels dental world dental clinic in mumbai india.

6 responses on "Orthodontic Treatment of Anterior Open Bite - Mahmoud 22yrs"

  1. I love these transformations
    please do more videos

  2. Great job brother. Can I ask you 3 questions plz:
    1- How could you avoid the flaring of lower incisors?
    2- Why did you place the bonded lingual retainer longtime before the end of treatment and while the NiTi wire still working?
    best regards doctor

  3. Hey how long was the treatment time. I have Damon braces right now. 

  4. ahh I have bite blocks they're horrible

  5. I have an open bite so I hope that will work

  6. Does this actually work? Won't they go back later?

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