Orthodontics with a Herbst Appliance

This video shows an orthodontic treatment simulation animation with a Herbst Appliance. This animation is from the Visage software by Anatomage. The Visage software provides truly interactive volume information and images like never before. Patients and doctors can engage in interactive 3D consultations together with life-size 3D visualizations that are both immersible and impressive to patients. Unlike other consultation videos, each animation is made up of full 3D models that can be interacted with by the doctor and the patient.

TAD’s or Titanium mini-screws are used for different reasons in orthodontics.

September 27, 2016

23 responses on "Orthodontics with a Herbst Appliance"

  1. Can I wear this without getting braces ?

  2. I just got my Herbst appliance off, and honestly I didn't really mind it, it was more comfortable than braces, after the first week or so, but not that I got it off, I have a underbite, and I can no longer physically pull my top teeth over or even on top of my bottom teeth! I have braces now, and I haven't had a chance to ask my orthodontist of this was supposed to happen? Has this happened to anyone else!!!

  3. Just got braces and now in six months I have to get one of these monsters ;(

  4. Absolutely wonderful device. Great invention.

  5. Worst thing ever who ever made this your evil and this thing is a price of crap because it breaks on a weekly to monthly basis kys

  6. It is painful and hard to eat. I hate it.

  7. how long am I gonna have this on I got it on yesterday

  8. My 11 year old is getting hers put on next month :(

  9. I remember getting these way back in 3rd grade (i'm 24 now).  Getting them on/off kind of sucked, but other wise I wasn't really bothered and they did a great job reducing my severe overbite.  Good luck to everyone else going through the process, you'll be really happy with the results!

  10. Completely worth it

  11. I get this off in 5-6 weeks hopefully

  12. i had those they fing hurt

  13. Im getting dhis

  14. It doesnt work like that your molers or back teeath dont tu=ouch or atlest mine didnt

  15. I have this and it sucks 🙁

  16. got mine off today btw I'm in 5th grade and it relieves my stress to get them off !

  17. What is the average cost for 1?

  18. Hello i had extract 4 teeth and the dentist said that he ll use the mini screw.. I am afraid that it ll be painful

  19. I would like to know how long it would take to close a gap left by a missing second upper premolar? I understand it varies between individuals but it would be nice to have an idea. I was told it takes quite a long time to close large gaps using orthodontics, curious to know if those TADs accelerate the procedure at all?

  20. How long is the procedure? My brother has to get these as the dentist pulled the wrong teeth. He's curious as to how painful it will be and for how long.

  21. I'm still in a lot of pain!

  22. I like these video and we can learning more from these video

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