Orthodontist NYC Fixes Open Bite with non-surgical Alf Applaince & Clear Braces

Visit http://www.parkaveortho.com for more on New York City Orthodontist Dr. Stoess-Allen located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Dr. Jan Stoess-Allen is an Orthodontist in NYC that uses the Alf Appliance and clear braces to get amazing results on a patient who presented her with an anterior open bite and cross bite!

The Alf Appliance is an amazing treatment that Dr. Stoess-Allen specializes in as well as clear braces like Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Dr. Stoess-Allen has been serving NYC since 1988 and use several non-surgical methods to help you achieve your perfect smile in less time and with less pain than you might think!

For more information on Alf Appliance and clear braces in NYC, please contact our NYC orthodontics team today at 212-452-2777

Orthodontist NYC Fixes Open Bite with non-surgical Alf Applaince is a great video to introduce you to Dr. Jan Stoess-Allen and the Alf Appliance, to learn more please visit our website or call the office today at 212-452-2777
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Have you been told you need surgery to correct your open bite? Dr. Jan Stoess-Allen can treat almost any case with just Invisalign and is recognized as a leading non-surgical Orthodontist in the New York area and beyond. Since 1988 Dr. Jan Stoess-Allen has thousands of people from around the world fix their open bites as well as just about any other difficult cases.

Invisalign has made many advances over the years and you can learn all about them at our website http://www.ParkAveOrtho.com

You can also watch other videos from Dr. Stoess-Allen on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VM64UWajnfFONEw_6RqkA

If you are seeking treatment for an open bite and want to avoid surgery by using Invisalign then call our NYC office today and book your appointment! 212-452-2777

This video on how Dr. Jan Stoess-Allen uses Invisalign to Fix Open Bite in her NYC Office is just one of many examples of her great work. We encourage you to watch other Invisalign videos and soon you will see the amazing results you can get in as little as 1 to 2 years with Invisalign.

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22 responses on "Orthodontist NYC Fixes Open Bite with non-surgical Alf Applaince & Clear Braces"

  1. Do you know of anyone in Los Angeles, California who can perform a similar treatment?

  2. Were elastics used in this case?

  3. I have the same problems. I had contacted my local dentist and asked if it’s be possible to apply the braces because I have an open teeth like in the picture. Beside, the doctor mentioned me that they would take out the molars before applying the braces. But I don’t want them to take put my premolars and molars. I just wanted to apply the braces. Do you think other dentist would have the opportunity to do this for me?
    I really wanted to have my normal teeth back. Please provide me with some information.
    Thank you

  4. That's exactly how my teeth look and I have a tongue thrust. I'm getting braces tomorrow

  5. Would Invisalign have worked in this case?

  6. Wish i had seen this before. I already wearing braces to correct an open bite just like the one here. My doctor wants me to get TAD and maybe extraction later. the TAD he used had a wire going across the roof of my mouth which made eating, spitting and swallowing very difficult and painful. I told him to remove it. I dont want to remove any teeth if i don't have to and i like the method you used here. What is it call and can i come see you for a second opinion before i extract teeth that i don't need to.

  7. Good work,pitty in Australia some orthdontists have no idea what they are talking about! I'm 37,got a wide open bite,and they are telling me to cut my jaw bone,or something like that to correct my bite,then telling me to take out my wisdom teeth (as this will lower the bite) Yeah right,sounds like he does not know what he is on about.Help me if you can please?

  8. Could I still set up an consultation with you guys even though I reside in Georgia? I have a open bite and I currently wear braces (for 3 years now) and my orthodontist is recommending that I get surgery to fix my open bite.

  9. Was this an adult case?

  10. Hello I live in Washington, DC and your office its pretty far for me, would you happen to know of a good Orthodontist in Washington, DC.?

  11. What is the long term stability of this?  I am contemplating jaw surgery as I do not want to relapse and have to redo this.


  12. How did her profile change after this? Can you recommend a doctor in Florida that can perform this treatment? 

  13. Hi,i have an open bite too and can u please tell me is it possible to expand the upper jaw without the pintles on both sides of roof of mouth? Thank you in advance.

  14. Hi, can i have your mail id, your contact option is not working on your website.

  15. I have this and it is ruining my life. I've been told that I need a full set of braces, surgery, then braces again. 🙁 Can this be done with the ceramic braces as well?

  16. Did you use specific braces ? Im in the UK and my open bite has plagued me for years. I asked my dentist for orthodontist recommendations and i got a response of "there's no point you need surgery and at least 4 years of braces which will cost well over £5000" I've been worried to research further ever since seing as my own dentist won't refer me to an orthodontist 

  17. well I have an open bite and need to get it fixed and also have a fractured jaw this was ages ago though was wondering if this would effect anything. hoping could get open bite fixed

  18. I have got the same :'( but I'm getting braces …

  19. Wow!!!
    I have an open bite just like her
    Oh lord I need it to b fixed 

  20. Looks good, I corrected mine myself, I posted my video.

  21. I pray I can find a dentist in Texas that can do this. Thank you for sharing this information.

  22. I'd like to visit you

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