Another way to study!
  • orthorouteFor the student, is a sequence of videoconferences and articles that facilitate the study of a particular topic.
  • For the teacher is an easy way to provide the content and a class or an entire course to their students. May also offer free content or charge for it.

Three years ago we began to study how to provide the contents of a lesson in the best possible way. It was the 1st Webinar Orthodontic Congress, reordered in videoconference 27 lectures and available for students. We learn from this and the following year made 40 videoconferences.

We observed that students do not know right how and where to start studying. At this point we developed the Orthoroute app that’s an easier way a sequence of study, which can be seen in any media, PC, tablet or mobile phone. Allowing the student and the teacher a better use of their chances.

Student: We give you the route of their learning.

Teacher: offer the tool for you to share your knowledge and also generate extra income with this.

July 18, 2016

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