Stimulotherapy – Durán von Arx ( English or Spanish)


Dr. Durán von Arx invitation: “Take the course! An esthetic result, if it’s not associated to good occlusion and to normalization of the oral functions, it will no longer be stable. Don’t forget this important fact!”

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Stimulotherapy (MFS) – Dr. Durán von Arx

Functional treatment philosophy integrated to orthodontic fixed appliances.

Fixed appliances assisted by functional appliances:

Every orthodontic treatment must achieve, at the end of treatment, a good occlusion, esthetics and stability. Stimulotherapy (MFS) consists in a philosophy of functional treatment with prefabricated devices that help accomplish more stable and fast results during orthodontic fixed appliances treatment. To reach these goals, several prefabricated devices are used, and help reestablish ideal oral functions, avoiding relapse in treated patients.


Dr. Durán von Arx invitation: “Take the course! An esthetic result, if it’s not associated to good occlusion and to normalization of the oral functions, it will no longer be stable. Don’t forget this important fact!”

More than 40 years of experience. Head of the Orthodontic Department from de Barcelona University offers:

Efficiency and simplicity in treatment with excellence in results.

Dr. Durán works with last-generation esthetic, self-ligated brackets, associated to the use of Stimulustherapy

During the exposure of Stimulotherapy (MFS), classes are very dynamic, with videos, good images and Dr. Duran von Arx’s direct speech. This video shows some parts of the course.


  1. The Course:
  1. In Moodle platform in e-learning format: 65 videos with Dr. Durán von Arx’s direct speech. You will learn functional codification, how to use every MFS device, diagnosis and clinical application. You will also have a workshop of how to adapt all MFS devices to every patient’s mouth, with clinical cases extensively detailed. To conclude, auto-evaluation pdf tests and a final exam to obtain the Orthodontic World Institute certification (Europe).
  2. When you buy the course, you will have 70 days of full-access to the virtual campus.
  1. Objectives:

At the end of the educative process, the student will be able to:

  • Describe pattern and function concept.
  • Recognize negative stimulus that generate dental malposition.
  • Recognize and diagnose functional problems and etiological factors of maloclussion.
  • Apply over patients the functional codification for better diagnosis of oral functions.
  • How to use all MFS devices for Stimulotherapy.
  • Plan treatment protocols for the different pathologies or oral dysfunctions.
  • Be an expert in Stimulotherapy MFS


  1. Who is this course addressed to?
  • Orhodontists
  • Pediatric dentists
  • Dentists specialized on Snoring and Apnea
  • Dentists interested in oral dysfunctions
  • Myofunctional reeducators


Certification: Orthodontic World Institute, Barcelona/Spain

Benefits of using Stimulustherapy:

Versatility, efficiency, comfort, simplicity and low cost.


Multifunctional devices (MFS):


Nasal Stimulator

Buccal Obturator

Lips Stimulator

Muscle Relaxant

Bite Plane

Anti-Bruxism Device

Open-Bite Device


Mouth Breather

Nasal Stimulator and Buccal Obturator:

We are accustomed to look at the problems of rhinitis and hypertrophic adenoids to diagnose mouth breathers, but the collapse of the nostrils is present in 55% of the orthodontic population, and if nasal collapse and mouth breathing are not corrected, relapse in the orthodontic treatment will occur. In these cases, treatment with Nasal Stimulator and Buccal Obturator can solve the problem. Both devices associated are also used to treat snoring patients.


Open-Bite device:

Used in patients that show an open-bite because of a lingual interposition or with dolichofacial growth pattern. It can be used in combination with fixed orthodontics without any problem, and only during nighttime.


Muscle Relaxant with Bite Plane conform the Anti-Bruxism device:

Used to extrude posterior teeth, thus correcting the overbite with or without fixed appliances. This device is really useful for patients suffering from bruxism. The Muscle Relaxant is ideal to relax the muscles and correct perioral muscle contractures, and also helps separating perioral muscles from fixed appliances mechanics, obtaining a faster treatment.

Atypical Swallowing:

In this pathology we usually explore the presence of lingual frenulum. The right thing to do is to assess the mobility degree of the tongue, without it having to do with the presence or absence of a lingual frenulum. Many “low tongue” with limited mobility are responsible for the development of an anterior open-bite or Class III, and could be intercepted with a proper functional codification of the tongue mobility and his appropriate treatment. For an easy and efficient correction of this problem, a Lip Stimulator and Lingual Buttons are used. The Lip Stimulator corrects labial incompetence and short upper lip with gummy-smile, in combination or not of fixed appliances.

Functional Codification:

How to quantify the initial functional problem degree, and the improvement during and after the orthodontic treatment? It can be accomplished by using the MFS Codification, where every observer will get the same values. It is an evidence-based dentistry, facilitating diagnosis and treatment planning.

*After you buy the course send an email to and request a version in English or Spanish course. In a maximum of 48 hours will have access to the course.


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