Retanium Splint Placement (Orthodontics)

This video demonstrates the placement of upper and lower Retanium splints. The patented wire Retanium is a highly malleable, flattened and micro-etched titanium wire that has an increased resistance to interproximal breakage. In this video Dr. James Hilgers elucidates the techniques involved with inserting this long term, semi-permanent retention device.
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7 responses on "Retanium Splint Placement (Orthodontics)"

  1. that's very artistic. I like the floss idea to hold wire in place for glue application

  2. how is called that white device?

  3. Yo digo que esa mierda no ase nada!

  4. Her reaction at the end… Looked so fake ??

  5. Cool! I love bone marrow, so I'm passionate about having strong, almost metallic teeth.

  6. great result I must say 

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