Severe Open bite Correction : Frontal Side!

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My Open Bite (Before Braces)

The day before I got my braces I thought I’d make a video to track my bite progress. If you have an open bite you probably have a slight lisp too. I said a few words to check if my lisp would go away once my bite was closed. Hope this helps.
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11 responses on "Severe Open bite Correction : Frontal Side!"

  1. how much is the treatment

  2. Does the open bite come bach after this treatment ?!

  3. How long did this take to.close?

  4. That's how my teeth are but are open on the sides and I also have a slight lisp. Less noticeable than yours (being my mouth, I am the only one who notices it) but it's still slightly there. Lol

  5. Noticed my open bite when my wisdom teeth came in at around 15 or so.
    My initial reaction was ''Well fuck.''
    Only downside is I can't eat stuff properly.

  6. I have an open bite too from sucking my thumb for 15 years! I got my braces on in December of 2012 & Im already seeing lots of improvements! I hope mine makes good progress like yours:)

  7. I have bite too from thumbsucking..its not as bad as some I have seen but I am 28 an want to correct it.No lisp but there is a slight difference on my speech

  8. Did you have to get teeth extracted (removed) before or during your orthodontic treatment.

  9. Wow. Your before and after videos are amazing. The wonders of technology on a pretty girl. 🙂 I personally liked your lisp, but if you feel more comfortable now without it I can understand that too.

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