Skeletal openbite correction1 by intrusion buccal segments with SS mini-screws by Dr.Narong Laohapat

” Orthognathic like Orthodontics”,Treatment option of Orthodontic treatment looks like Orthognathic surgery(Skeletal openbite) ‘ using SS miniscrews.
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20 responses on "Skeletal openbite correction1 by intrusion buccal segments with SS mini-screws by Dr.Narong Laohapat"

  1. What does this do snd how does it work?

  2. one minute into the video, I'm out of here

  3. what does it even do?

  4. I have 4 of these suckers. 2 at top, and 2 above my upper row of teeth on the gums. To everyone who has to get this done…. firstly everyone's mouth is different, but the numbing works wonders. My advice to once you get them. KEEP THEM CLEAN. I didn't keep one clean, and it got infected and had to be removed and replaced with 2 others. But the pain is tolerable I promise. Don't freak out. You'll do great!!??

  5. I am crying. I am crying because of my past experience with this. I remember half-way the process I was crying because it was so painful! They awkwardly stop and asked if I were ok… DOES IT LOOK LIKE I AM OKAY!??!

  6. I have to get this done it looks terrifying does it hurt

  7. This is disgusting!

  8. Do they give numb you before doing this?? Or put you to sleep? (My phone refused to spell the proper term for this) Anyone in the comments that know, please reply.

  9. This made me cringe

  10. I would be screaming my head off ?

  11. Whats it for

  12. Does that hurt

  13. What r they trying do do that looks so gross

  14. omg dose that hairt

  15. Nice work. Looks so painless and it is.

  16. Right into the sutures of the maxillary bones… May be better to place 2 screws slightly off the midline ?

  17. OMG doesent that hurt

  18. where can I go for an X-ray like that???

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