T1 Self-Ligating Brackets

Introduction to the T1® Self-Ligating System. Experience the next generation of self-ligation orthodontics!
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Hi Friends!

This is a bit of a different video on my channel. The reason I am doing this video is because I want to inspire anyone who is thinking of getting braces.

As you can see in the title the type of braces that I have are called self ligating braces they a new and special type of brace that are supposed to reduce the time the braces are on, they reduce pressure on the teeth and also avoid having a person get extractions.

I do have to say my inspiration to get braces came from Youtube @foreverflawless.

So if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and ofcourse I will answer them the best I can.

Also follow me on twitter I post constant updates there @MarisolB_LA
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September 21, 2016

39 responses on "T1 Self-Ligating Brackets"

  1. good movie to see

  2. there's no light force I just got mine today and I'm in a lot of pain!

  3. Just got mines but that shorter time bs is fake . I gotta wear them for 24 months

  4. I asked my dentist.He says it's fake.Nothing like this is possible to speed up the process.

  5. where was this when I was young

  6. I'm getting these top and bottom on January 22 for three years to fix k9 overcrowding and an over bite

  7. Yes I have this brackets and am pretty much comfortable with it.

  8. I got damon Q and i really like it, it's pretty cool

  9. Nicholas Cage is a dentist?

  10. I wish I had this tbh. I have traditional braces. 

    I prefer the wisdom of adults with straight teeth.

  12. please. anyone help me to have braces, i need it

  13. hello i live in NJ can you send me the address please 

  14. Yea it sounds great but what about the COST! I'm sure as hell those shits aren't going to be the same price as traditional metal braces and Invisalign so this must cost twice as much. And insurance doesn't cover braces and you the struggle these days!!

  15. I have to get braces in May.

  16. I need braces. My bottom teeth are pretty straight. But its my top teeth, my arch is literally in the shape of a triangle when it should be a 'U' shape.I've never seen anyone on the internet or in person with teeth as worst as mine. I doubt damon braces could fix this without a palatal expander. Or am I just completely wrong?

  17. Yay I have those!

  18. What houses cost $5,000??? A cardboard box?

  19. There are many braces nowadays, actually all braces are effective but it is still depends on you oral problem, in other words, putting a braces need an assessment if what braces a really fits on you. Visit my channel to learn more!

  20. Braces used on you are greatly dependent on the type of teeth you have. The many kinds of braces nowadays are bridging between aesthetics and cure. So, the decision is still yours. Figure pout what you want and need and your Orthodontist will do the same. — I think! 🙂 

  21. I have self ligating braces and they want me to extract my teeth….. I don't want to extract any teeth.

  22. When do you have your wire adjustments? i get my first wire adjustment after 8 weeks.

  23. Thank you very much ,your video and tips are very helpful and make me feel better about my braces ,my case is very similar to yours and today is my third day with braces

  24. When would you say you started to talk normally lol.. That's what I'm worried about

  25. I'm from korea and I also got self-ligating braces called "clippy-c" made by Japan. I got them on my first appointment because the owner and the main dentist is my aunt. the original price was about 7000 dollars or abit more but since my aunt gave me a huge discount I only had to pay 3000 dollars. a week has passed and I has 4 teeth removed yesterday because my teeth are larger in size and i had crowded teeth and an bad overbite. The braces are working faster than the traditional braces since its more costly but I'm happy even I have 4 blackholes in my mouth. subscribed because we have the same braces!

  26. thank you for sharing. i really appreciate it as im in your same position before.

  27. When did you initially notice a significant change ? I got my braces a few weeks ago and I don't know if anything has changed.

  28. maybe you should stop looking for excuses and just do it!!

  29. wisdom teeth removal is necessary for the most part, i did it at 16 i said yes right away!they push your other teeth, so was the point of braces?Best choice ever n.n

  30. I'm 30 and got a palate expander which have successfully expanded my upper jaw regardless of my age.
    I guess what matters is that you feel comfortable with with your orthodontist and the procedures done.

  31. I'm 23, and just got my braces on three months ago. It's a lot better than I thought it was gonna be, both mentally and physically 

  32. "Weeshearch"

  33. Hey Marisol! I was just wondering what type of braces you have. Are they called Empower? Thanks! (This vlog is very helpul btw)! :-)

  34. Great video very helpful, I'm planning on getting my braces on next mont im 22 years old

  35. All of this is sooo true, I got my braces on august 14 which is a day before my birthday and they really sucked because I couldn't eat the snacks that I provided for my friends at my party. But I haven't broken a bracket yet so I don't know how it feels, me and my brother got braces and he broke a bracket a couple if days ago. Idk about you but every time we break a bracket it cost $40 for each bracket broken ??. But anyways you have come a long way and your teeth look BEAUTIFUL. Btw I have a pallette expander and it SUCKS!!!!!! ???

  36. +mrsebbiexoxo yes they are the self ligating braces. they cost anywhere from 4,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars 

  37. Are those the clear self ligating braces? How much do they cost because I was looking in to the clear ceramic braces 

  38. I just had my first consultation today a couple hours ago and as the curious person I am, I did research as soon as I got home. I have periodontal disease which I will have to go get done and cleaned which isn't that big of a deal for me since I have gotten tons of cleanings and fillings done before. After a couple of sessions in cleanings, I will have to go back to my orthodontist and talk about moving my teeth. I was not a candidate for Invisalign as I have major crowding issues and my bite is very uneven. My bottom row is not that bad, just cleaning and some minor shifts. My top row is very narrow around the sides and in the front, the crowding is similar to yours if not worse. Right now I am thinking of suggesting the clear self ligating braces. I am super worried about cost since my parents are taking care of that for me and also the whole visual aspect of it like what they will look like and if its just embarrassing. Speech patterns also strike me since I am a very talkative person, I use speech as my main and major tool of communication, I am still in school and I have a job in the food industry so customer service is key. I also speak 2-3 languages(2 fluent and 1 as a minor secondary) so will it affect any of those? When the brackets fall off, is it a really big deal? Does it cost anything to get the brackets glued back on? Is flossing and cleaning really hard compared to the cleaning procedures with Invisalign? Pain or time does not concern me whatsoever. Is there any advice you can give that deals with self confidence with braces or any of that? Thank you so much for uploading your experience! 

  39. sweet smile even with braces

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