The Bite Plane and DEEP BITE!! Orthodontics!!

This is my first day of orthodontic treatment for a deep bite, overbite.
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September 26, 2016

3 responses on "The Bite Plane and DEEP BITE!! Orthodontics!!"

  1. I have exactly what you have except my top braces aren't invisible… And I'm absolutely miserable because I just got my bottom braces and bite turbos today… Me and my boyfriends birthday is in 5 days and I have a terrible lisp,I keep biting the tip of my tongue, it hurts soo bad, and I can't eat anything! And my boyfriend wants to go to an Italian restaurant on our birthday… THIS STINKS! 

  2. I just got my braces a week ago, & got the bite turbos on my back top teeth. It's so hard to eat anything! I can't chew anything at all.. Not because of pain but because my back teeth don't touch at all. Is this going to get better? If so how long will it take for me to eat normal again? 

  3. can you show your biteplate ?

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