The Damon System

The Damon System

The Damon System offers gentle, and comfortable tooth movement that is quicker and more efficient than traditional braces using self ligating braces with far fewer visits and less extractions.
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Hi everyone! So sorry for the delay here! I’m back with a short braces update! I will be getting my braces off soon and will hopefully be able to vlog everything! As always if you have any questions leave them in the comments 🙂
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September 23, 2016

33 responses on "The Damon System"

  1. I have this braces on. I've had them on July 16 and it doesn't hurt that much now, and the color of my bands is pink

  2. How much does this system cost for an adult braces both upper and lower

  3. I have this system and I didn't even know. I got clear braces, and I really like them. From a distance you can't even tell I have braces.

  4. getting the damon bracket on my the back of my front teeth so my teeth don't overlap (I have a huge overbite) do t have to get the Damon braces though

  5. My dentist is going to use this to my teeth on this Tuesday and I'm scared so I'm watching videos for research :)

  6. Eh.. Fuck it! Other ones look better with the colors.

  7. lies I did this way and I had 2 growup teeth pulled and one bracket cut into my lip and picks at it when I speak

  8. I'm most likely getting these on Saturday maybe

  9. i got these today and its paining as fuck i took 2 pills of painkillers and still paining any advice?

  10. I have these and I'm 4 months over treatment. >:(

  11. Do these hurt less than traditional braces?

  12. biasa kalau pakai behel itu harus umur berapa

  13. why am I watching this???

  14. So no extractions needed ? 

  15. "with the damon system, expanders, head gear, and surgery can be avoided!" lmaoo actually not because i have to get damon braces, expanders, and wear head gear for 30 months 

  16. this system is so good and fast i only wore them a year and a half! i didnt worry about wearing ugly ass colors on my braces lol

  17. FEWER VISITS?! I am sitting hear with regular braces wishing I had these kind

  18. I have these and my teeth have moved sooooo fast I'm so happy that my orthodontist uses this system. ?

  19. Just got my braces on with Dr. Damon…. on day 2 and not much pain. My son got his done at Damon and his teeth look AMAZING so I decided to get the Damon system as an adult. I can't wait to see how they look in 14 mos. Dr. Damon is awesome! The Damon system is worth the $.

  20. The çat ıs undre the bhd

  21. Hey Marisol.. I got the same braces like yours. but mine seems to stain a lil bit. I brush after every meal. Please advise

  22. where did you get your braces?

  23. Hope all is well ?! Just found your videos, I have a similar situation to you. Getting braces in a couple days. I also need wisdom teeth removed… I was told within the next year at the longest… Scared ! :(

  24. did you have the h4 sl brackets?

  25. Hey are your braces off

  26. Your Teeth look Wonderful, I been watching all your videos . I'm 22 and I'm scared to get them . Honestly.

  27. Hi Marisol, I was just wondering if there was anyway I could contact you through a personal message to ask some questions about your experience with your braces? I'm going to get them soon so it would be nice to talk to someone with experience :)

  28. How much did the braces cost?

  29. i just got mine an hour ago ! im excited for my results after seeing how quick ur teeth have transformed. congrats on ur beautiful teeth :D

  30. Thank you for the vlogs, I just got my self ligation braces today, I'm also looking forward to my end results ?

  31. Is there an update now? Are your braces off??

  32. How long have you had your braces on for?

  33. great progress

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