The Effect of Orthotropics on Lower Facial Height on Patients with Deep Bite by Dr Mike Mew

The Effect of Orthotropics on Lower Facial Height on Patients with Deep Bite by Dr Mike Mew

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5 responses on "The Effect of Orthotropics on Lower Facial Height on Patients with Deep Bite by Dr Mike Mew"

  1. My front teeth can together, but my molar can't. How to fix it?

  2. I have class 2 division 2 deep bite and I don't understand how to have proper oral posture. If I keep my teeth together then my teeth touch my gums. If I have more freeway space does that mean that my teeth will be more than slightly apart when I don't keep my teeth together when placing the tongue on the roof of my mouth?

  3. I'm in my 20's.from the UK. I have a deep bitE/overbite, and a unilateral crossbite. Based on what you said at the beginning of the vid, I think I have a class 2 division '2' (retroclined incisors). I I feel as though I need my jaws moved forward, as I feel  as though the underlying tissue isn't getting enough 'support' resulting in a heavy looking face. Maybe early jowling? Mouth looks to be frowning at rest. I'm not sure if procling my teeth would help with my facual aesthetics? (I'm wondering about damon braces for this). Ideally, I think i'd love double jaw surgery, but I don't think my case is bad enough to warrant it on the NHS

  4. Hi I need some advice! I am17 years old and Im am a mouth breather and have been for many years my face has definitely been effected by this, I have a long narrow face with a weak lower jaw and very crooked teeth because of this I suffer with depression and I am highly self conscious about myself I litrally feel like my looks have been taken from me as all of my family have strong jaw lines with very atractive forward growing faces. I also suffer from sleep apnea this had a msssive effect on my grades in school and is now effecting me in college life. I am soon to be having braces put on, they have removed 4 teeth, they are going to pull my front teeth back, after doing some research of my own I realized this would only further restricting my air ways and further ruining my facial aestetics, I am reserving free treatment via the NHS amd I have been on the waiting list for 3-4 years, what cam be done? What can be said to my orthodondist? Im really confused and scared

  5. How do i change it

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