Video libray: 854 vídeos

Adding the videos you tube and Vimeo, we come to a impressive mark of 854 videos, made in the last three years. We are proud of all this and expect to continue offering high quality and useful material for all colleagues.

You will be able to access:

  1. 1.Videoconferences, more than 180 titles divided en categories. There are conferences in English, Portuguese and Spanish, will be providing captions so that you can access all your content.
  2. 2.Courses: The courses are written directly to the instructor and are the most profound way to study a topic. Imagine that we concentrated hours with the teacher recording the material and its in-depth explanations. Surely you will enjoy a lot.
  3. 3.OrthoRoute: For the student, is a sequence of videoconferences and articles that facilitate the study of a particular topic.

For the teacher is an easy way to provide the content and a class or an entire course to their students. May also offer free content or charge for it.

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