WILL I GET BRACES?! My first trip to the Orthodontist – Grin Orthodontics

Hey it’s Jayda! Today I went to see the Orthodontist. Do you think I need braces?! Comment down below!

The Orthodontist I went to see is Dr Geoffrey Newton.

Dr Newton and his staff were super friendly and so so nice! I had such a great time even though I was very sick that day.

Here is Dr. Newtons details:

250 Wincott Drive, Unit 29A
Etobicoke, ON M9R 2R5 Canada

Telephone #(416) 249-1015 Email: reception@drnewton.ca

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm


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20 responses on "WILL I GET BRACES?! My first trip to the Orthodontist - Grin Orthodontics"

  1. These annoying ass kids think braces are so cool and that they need metal in their mouth DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH RESPONSIBILITY IT IS TO HAVE BRACES

  2. yes u do

  3. Getting mine next Wednesday!

  4. Getting braces in one week

  5. I am getting braces in 1 week??

  6. am geting theme tomorrow am scard

  7. i am getting braces in 2hours ?

  8. No

  9. I don't think she needs braces because her mollers will come in and close the gaps

  10. I'm going to the orthodontist today and boy am I scared

  11. i want braces so bad

  12. I'm getting braces next Friday ha ha

  13. Aww she looked quite disappointedxcxxxx

  14. Look at the little boy in the Background picking his nose

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